Sense8 Cancelled?!

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So, I was on Instagram, and was just scrolling through, and paused on this really cute picture Freema Agyeman had posted of Nomi & Amanita.


I was about to just scroll past it until I started to read her caption. As I read, I had to reread it because I couldn’t believe it. Then I went searching online for confirmation that this was true, not saying I didn’t believe Freema, but I needed some more confirmation. Seeing all these articles talking about Sense8′s cancellation broke my heart and filled me with anger.

Sense8 was a show that I didn’t really know anything about when I first started watching it, but I quickly fell in love with the characters, the story, the setting, and just the production of this show. When season 2 came out I was so excited to see what happened next with these characters that I loved. Season 2 was just as great as season 1 and the ending made me so excited for season 3. So knowing that I’m not going to see what happens next or know the fate of these characters angers me so much.

To the cast and crew, thank you so much for bringing this wonderful show into my life and I’m so sorry you won’t be able to tell us more of the story.

To Netflix, you just made the stupidest mistake ever in cancelling this show.

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Do I Have the Right to Mourn?: A Fans Confusion Over the Loss of a Legend

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Today, while I was at lunch with my mother, sister, and aunt we were just chatting about random topics when suddenly my aunt mentioned in passing that Carrie Fisher had died. I stopped eating and stared at her in confusion. I couldn’t believe what she was saying and even denied her words, stating that it must be a hoax because I had seen on Twitter on Christmas day that her mother, Debbie Reynolds, had tweeted that she was stable. My aunt just shrugged and repeated that she had died. I refused to believe my aunts words and moved on from the topic. Then the moment I got home I turned on my laptop, brought up Google, searched Carrie Fisher’s name, and a bunch of articles confirming her death popped up. I stared in shock, numb not sure how to feel, how to react. I wanted to be heartbroken, but felt I didn’t deserve that right.

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I will be doing weekly recaps of Raw and Smackdown, specifically focusing on the Women’s Division. I’m going to call it: Raw Vs. Smackdown: State of Their Women’s Divisions. I will also be doing recaps for the Pay-Per-Views, as well. The title for those recaps may change, still haven’t decided yet.
Basically these will consist of me giving facts about what happened on Raw and Smackdown that week, then to end the posts I’ll give my personal opinion on the events that happened that week. I will also give my opinion of which show’s women’s division had a better week.
These will hopefully be posted either Tuesday night after Smackdown or some time on Wednesday.
Now, just because I’m gonna be doing this doesn’t mean I won’t be posting my regular reviews and other stuff, I just got hooked on writing recaps when I used to write for Pro Wrestling Authority.
I do hope you all enjoy them.

Reactions to WWE Weekend

So, this weekend was very WWE heavy with both NXT Takoever: Brooklyn II & SummerSlam. I recorded my reaction to both show, but didn’t record every match on the cards. Thought I’d share them with you guys. Take a look and let’s discuss. What was your favorite match from the two shows this weekend?