CW Released a Trailer for the Charmed Reboot


I wasn’t going to post anything about the the trailer for the Charmed reboot that was posted today, but I decided that I needed to write out my thoughts about this reboot. Honestly, after watching the trailer, I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

I really wasn’t happy when it was first announced that it was getting rebooted in the first place because I just didn’t understand why? Like if you want to make a witch show, go ahead. Why does it have to be a reboot of Charmed?

After watching the trailer I still stand by that statement. I think if this show wasn’t attached to Charmed it would be great, but watching the trailer all I saw were the similarities with the original. The house looked the same, the way they get their powers was pretty much the same, their powers were almost the same, it just felt too similar. You’d think the CW would want their new version of Charmed to stand out and not be compared to the original, but yet they copied so much.

Even though I have my reservations, I’m still going to give it a chance because I loved Charmed, Madeleine Mantock is a part of this cast (and I loved her in Into the Badlands), and I want to support her. I also want a Charmed show for my mom and I to watch again like we used to with the original.

I’m honestly hoping the similarities end after the first episode (which I’m pretty sure was most of the trailer) because that’s the only way this reboot is going to work. It can’t copy the original or else it will fail. Plain and simple.