TV Show Review – Charmed: 1×06 “The Wedding From Hell”


In episode six of season one, Piper’s catering a wedding from hell, Prue is trying to help a woman whose fiance is marrying someone else, and Phoebe has a vision of someone giving birth to a demon baby.

[Oh, I should mention that if you haven’t seen Charmed, for whatever reason, then you shouldn’t read these articles because there will be so many spoilers for the episode I’m talking about and future plotlines. You’ve been warned.]

Thoughts While Watching the Episode

  • Okay, I get Allison is freaking out because her fiance just collapsed, but that seemed a bit over dramatic.
  • I love how Phoebe just assumes that Piper is the one giving birth to the demon baby. I get why she does, but it’s still funny to me.
  • Our first hint that Rex and Hannah are evil.
  • I love how upset Piper is that no one is eating her deli trays at the bachelorette  party.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy the premise of this episode and the “demon of the week”, but as a whole this is another forgettable episode. While I think it was interesting for them to bring Jeremy from episode one back into the story with Phoebe misunderstanding one of her visions and to have a demon that was coming back to collect on a deal, I still don’t think all those elements made for an overall great episode.
While in the end it makes sense why Phoebe had her vision, it felt like a random plot point. Also, it didn’t make sense to me that Phoebe wouldn’t confront Piper about her vision as soon as she had it. I mean, if I had a vision of a demon baby being born and I knew that my sister had slept with her evil ex, I think I’d let her know about my vision and get to the bottom of things.
Then with the demon Hecate and her story, I think it’s a great concept: mother makes a deal with a demon, then the demon comes to collect her payment for the deal, and tries to marry the mother’s son so she can have a demon baby. While I love the concept and feel the episode did it’s job, it just doesn’t work because it doesn’t really do anything to move the story of the season along, or even further develop the sisters. It’s just one of those random episodes in the season that is just there.
Overall, good episode that has a cool concept, but within the whole season it’s pretty forgettable.


Hope you guys enjoyed my review of “The Wedding From Hell” and I hope you check out the next review when it’s posted.


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