Charmed is Being Rebooted……WHAT?!

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So, it was reported by Entertainment Weekly, that the CW is in the works to create a Charmed reboot. Okay, first and foremost, no thank you. I’m sorry, I know there are people that are trying to look on the bright side/be positive about this news, but I’m not one of them.


I don’t understand why Hollywood has lost all their creativity. If you want to make a new witch show, then do it, but don’t reboot Charmed to do it.

See, Charmed was one of my favorite shows growing up and to give you context, I’m 24, soon to be 25. I remember it was my mom’s favorite show, but I never actually sat down and watched it until there was a marathon on TNT. I remember I was in either 3rd or 4th grade, but I sat on the couch the whole day watching this marathon and fell in love with this show. When I was younger Phoebe was my favorite sister, but as I’ve gotten older and watched the show multiple times, Piper has become my favorite sister. I was so immersed in this world that when I got the show on DVD, I would pause the shots of the Book of Shadows and write down all the spells and demon information, so that I could make my own Book of Shadows. Yes, I was that invested.

So, hearing that the CW wants to reboot it and have it take place in the 70’s is really annoying to me. Now, from what I’ve read, it seems all we know is that it will take place in 1976 and that it’s a prequel. With this information, all I could think was that the story would have to be about Penny and Patty Halliwell. Although, Patty wouldn’t be in it long because at that time she would have been pregnant with either Phoebe or Paige and then not long after that she’d die.

Then I saw some people theorizing that maybe it’ll revolve around someone else from Melinda Warren’s bloodline, since the Power of Three is from Melinda Warren, so as far as I understand it, only someone related to Melinda Warren can have the powers. Now, that would be interesting because as far as I can remember the sisters never had any aunts or cousins.

If they try to go with three strangers or three friends, then going by the shows canon that won’t work. They have to be related in some way. Penny passed on the powers to Patty, who passed them on to the girls. So, strangers or friends being the Charmed Ones doesn’t work.

I do have a little faith in the CW because there is a lot of shows that that network has produced that I love, but I’m still hesitant and angry over the fact that they’re rebooting this show that meant so much to me and still does. I guess I’ll have to wait to see more information about the show before I write it off completely, but I’m not happy about this.

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