TV Show Review: The 100 Season 2

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So, Season 2 was pretty solid for me. I really enjoyed the storyline and the journey all these characters went on.

Clarke’s journey was difficult for me because she made a lot of difficult choices and I didn’t agree with a lot of them. I’m not sure where her story will lead next season, but I am concerned about her mentally & emotionally.

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I’d been interested in Lexa’s character because of what I’d seen online. Lexa is definitely a badass and she really is a great commander, which is what I respect about her character, but it’s those same attributes that make it hard for me to like her character. She’s just a conflicting character to me.

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Then the whole Clexa ship is one I get, Alycia and Eliza have great chemistry, but I don’t ship it. I just find their dynamic more friendly/mentor like than romantic. I was waiting this whole season to truly see the spark, but I didn’t.

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Still hate Murphy (Can he die please?)

I loved Jaha in season 1, but season 2 ruined him for me. Jaha was so annoying and an absolute idiot.

Then on the flip side, I hated Kane in season 1, but I loved him in season 2. I really like his dynamic with Abby and I’m interested to see where it goes.

Raven….my poor, poor Raven. Can she just catch a break, please? Raven goes through so much hell this season, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’m genuinely worried about her psyche because of how much she has been through.

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Bellamy’s story wasn’t that big to me this season, which is unfortunate because I love Bellamy. I did love Octavia’s journey to basically become this Grounder badass. Octavia is one of the characters that has had the most fascinating journey throughout this show. Also, poor Lincoln. Raven and him just constantly get put through so much hell.

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The complete change in Finn’s character through me for a loop and I wasn’t that sad to see him go. I just felt sad for Clarke & Raven.

Really sad that they couldn’t save Maya because I really liked her character a lot and enjoyed her dynamic with Jasper. I’m worried about Jasper and what will happen next season, especially concerning his relationship with Monty and the others.

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The only thing that really pissed me off in this season was them killing Anya. Anya was such an awesome character and I loved her. So, to say I was upset that they killed her off would be an understatement.

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So, overall, really enjoyed the second season, can’t wait to start season 3.
I’d give season 2 of The 100: 4.5outof5Stars


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