Book Review: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks


So, going into this book, I had already seen the movie version and I remember enjoying the movie. I was really interested to see how the book compared to the movie and after reading the book, I can say that I like the book a lot better than the movie. Not to say that I don’t like the movie, I do, but the book is, in my opinion, better.
Everything about the book was more fleshed out than the movie: the characters, the story, hell even the setting. Now, I know that book to movie adaptations are always going to be different and I get that, but I found it funny that the screenplay was written before the book. So, when I found out about that the way I looked at the two different mediums and could actually see the differences in Nicholas Sparks writing, it fascinated me.
The things that I liked that the movie didn’t have was the story from Steve’s POV (Ronnie’s dad) and you got to learn more about Marcus and Blaze, which I appreciated since I found their characters random and stupid in the movie. Ronnie’s relationship with both Will and her father, I felt was a lot better explored in the book compared to the movie.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. If you’ve ever seen the movie, I’d highly recommend you read the book. I’d say the same if you have or haven’t read any other Nicholas Sparks books, you should read this one.
Now, I couldn’t give this book a 4. The reason I couldn’t give it a four is because while I enjoyed the story and it did effect me emotionally, I felt it was really simple, if that makes sense. So even though I can’t give it a 4, I knew I couldn’t bring myself to give it a 3 either. So, the rating I’m most comfortable giving The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks is