Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

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Okay, so this was a really cute book. I really loved the relationship between Maddy and Olly, even though I thought the love developed a little too quick for my liking, but I can get past that. I loved Carla and found it fascinating how she felt more like Maddy’s mom then Pauline did. The reveal near the end of the book was a little surprising to me, but I did start suspecting something else might be going on that we weren’t aware of in the beginning of the story.
Really didn’t like the ending. To me it was as just as unsatisfying as Eleanor and Park‘s ending. I mean, it was in no way as bad, but I just wasn’t happy with how suddenly it ended. You couldn’t give me like a page or two more? I understand why Nicola Yoon decided to end it that way, but I’m not a fan of it.
I do really like Nicola Yoon‘s writing style. I loved how she told the story in a way that kept the story moving without it dragging, but still kept it entertaining. Just because the ending wasn’t my favorite, doesn’t mean I don’t want to read her other books. Actually it’s the exact opposite. I would love to read more of her work and get lost in these worlds she creates. I also really enjoyed her husband, David Yoon‘s, illustrations. Those were also another nice touch to keep the reader engaged in Maddy’s world.
Overall, loved the story, disliked the way it ended. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves quick, cute teen romance novels.
I’d give Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon 4outof5Stars.