My Journey with The Vampire Diaries: Series Finale Review (SPOILERS)

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Eight years ago, I sat in my living room and watched excitedly as one of my favorite books at the time became a TV Show. I remember feeling giddy, nervous, and cautious.

How different would this show be to the books?
Would the characters be the same or different?
Would I spend the whole show comparing it to the books?
Will I like it?

All these questions and more bombarded my mind as I watched Nina Dobrev write in a diary. That first episode made me excited for the rest of that first season and made me hopeful that while it would be different, the show would stay true to the books.

Fast forward to three years later after the series premiere. While the rest of the fandom waited anxiously for the fourth season to premiere, I sat completely oblivious to the fact that it was returning soon. By that time, the show wasn’t the show I fell in love with anymore, the characters weren’t the same, and everything felt so wrong to the point that I didn’t watch that fourth season. In fact, I never watched a full season of the Vampire Diaries again after season three.

Sure, I kept up to date on all the things that were happening on the show because while I had quit watching it, it still had it’s hooks in me due to my love of characters like Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore, and etc. There would also be occasions where I would casually watch an episode here or there if something about a preview or rumor piqued my interest enough. There was only one occasion where I almost watched the show again and that was during season six. The reason I had been intrigued enough to watch the first five episodes of the sixth season was because of Bonnie and Damon, but even their storyline that season couldn’t keep me engaged to return to the show.

Then we arrive at the announcement that season eight was going to be the last season and I told myself that I would watch the last three episodes since I gave three years of my life to this show and I had to see how it ended. The only other show that I’ve quit, but had to watch the series finale was Gossip Girl. I don’t know why I feel this need to see how shows I’ve given up on end, but I just do. Now, that I’ve given you a little recap of my history with the show, let’s get to the review.

Series Finale Review

So, going into this finale I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’d only seen the past two episodes before the finale. The one thing I was expecting was for it to be a trainwreck and it was. I’m sorry, but the first half hour of the finale was so slow and the plot was weird. It felt very rushed to me and I do think this finale should have been two hours because there was too much to wrap up and they an only had an hour which wasn’t enough time. The second half of the episode actually affected me and I did cry because while I gave up on the show, these were characters that I cared about and loved. I got the most emotional over Stefan and all the cameos they had.

I think my biggest complaint about the episode was that I felt like the writer’s deciding to kill Stefan was a cop out. To me it would be the same if they’d killed Bonnie, just a cop out. Honestly, it would have been a more compelling story if Damon had died. The reason I say that is because while both brothers have done horrible things in the past, to me this death in the finale was about redemption and I felt the death of Damon would have been a lot more impactful, plot wise. It’s just from the beginning of the show Damon had been created to be a character to redeem and him sacrificing, not only his life, but his future with Elena to keep Mystic Falls, his friends, and his little brother safe just would have been better storytelling in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, Stefan sacrificing himself was painful and heartbreaking, but it’s something I could see Stefan doing, especially since he partially felt he had to do it for killing Enzo, which is why I feel it was lazy and easy for them to choose Stefan. I would have felt the same if they had killed Bonnie because to me Stefan and Bonnie have been portrayed as the two people in the show that would give up their lives to keep everyone they love safe. Damon dying would have been the better story and also he would have finally gotten the full redemption he’s been seeking. I’m fairly confident the reason that the writers didn’t kill Damon was because they didn’t want to suffer the wrath of not only the Damon fandom, but also the Delena fandom. That fear is why we got the death of Stefan instead of Damon.

The Delena reunion wasn’t that great, it fell flat, and a lot of that I feel has to do with how forced it felt and the chemistry that used to be there was gone. Also, it really rubbed me the wrong way that Caroline and Bonnie lost their loves, but Elena was able to wake up and live the rest of her life with her love. I mean, sure, one could argue that Caroline could still have love in her life with Klaus and to that I say, no. The reason I wouldn’t be happy with a Klaroline endgame is because to me that ship died a long time ago because to me Caroline never felt for Klaus as deeply as he did for her. Even though I’m not a Steroline shipper, their love was a lot more believable to me then Klaroline and on the Originals end of this Klaus’ love with Cami felt more real than his with Caroline. They did hint that we may see Caroline in the Originals and I really hope not because it’s just a toxic ship, like Delena, that does nothing good for either characters.

Now, while I’m ecstatic that Bonnie not only lived, but got to show how much of a badass she is with that scene with her Grams, Lucy, and the other Bennett witches (except Emily, I mean seriously where was Emily?), I still felt Bonnie’s ending could have been better. I’m glad she’s getting away from Mystic Falls and traveling the world, but I have this fear that since we saw Enzo that it makes it seem that Bonnie won’t find another love because she’ll always be waiting for her time so that she can reunite with Enzo and I don’t want that for her. I want her to live a full, happy life that is full of love and her ending just didn’t give me that hope. Like I said I’m glad Bonnie lived because knowing this series history with how they’ve treated Bonnie, who remains my favorite character, I didn’t have much faith in her making it out alive, so I’m just glad that they let this amazing, badass character live.

The cameos were heartbreaking, especially Lexi and Jenna. I was doing good, but when it showed Lexi and Aunt Jenna, I lost it. To me the worst deaths, that I saw when I watched the show were Lexi, Grams, and Aunt Jenna. So to see Lexi waiting for Stefan, and Aunt Jenna with Elena’s parents and Uncle John just warmed my heart, and made me cry. I also loved seeing Tyler, Jo, and Liz, but Jenna hit me really hard. I will admit that the final scene of Stefan and Damon seeing each other again after Damon had died with that greeting from the first episode of “Damon” “Hello Brother”, then they embrace was such a perfect way for the show to end because overall the show while it was about Elena and the triangle, it really developed into this story of these two brothers.

Now, let’s talk about the thing that will get me some hate, the endgames. I was a Stelena and Bamon shipper from the beginning, both show and books, and I remain one to this day. So not getting my ships as endgame sucks a lot, but it is what it is. I still think Stefan is the better man for Elena, not Damon. Then on the flip side, I still believe that Bonnie and Damon have more chemistry, and could have had a better love story then Delena, but the writers refused to even entertain the thought of a Bamon romance. I’m glad that there was a Stelena scene in the end and that scene actually reminded me why I loved Stelena. Even though I do think Steroline is cute and what I saw through the occasional episode and online, their love story was sweet, but not what I wanted. I’m still glad that Stefan and Elena got to say goodbye to each other, but I’m super annoyed that Bonnie and Damon didn’t get one scene together in the finale. I mean, really? We couldn’t have one little scene of them together?

So, overall, I felt the plot wasn’t the greatest. Not happy with quite a few plot aspects, characters endings, or endgames, but you know, I got what I was expecting from this finale and me being unsatisfied can only be blamed on myself because I decided to watch it.

I give the Vampire Diaries series finale 2.5outof5Stars.


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