TV Show Review – Killing Eve: 1×04 “Sorry Baby”


In the fourth episode of the first season, Eve is still reeling after Bill’s death and Villanelle is given a new assignment that requires her to work with people and an old face from her past resurfaces.



  • Why won’t you let Niko hold your hand, Eve?
  • Oh God, his baby crying was too much. Eve must feel so guilty.
  • Crap, I forgot how cold Villanelle can be.
  • WTH did Villanelle do to this chick?
  • Eve, I know you are angry and grieving, but don’t take it out on Niko.
  • Oh, so that was the package Villanelle had to mail? Eve’s luggage?
  • She bought her new clothes and a perfume that has Villanelle’s name on it?
  • So Frank is the mole? I don’t know, I don’t fully trust Carolyn.
  • What is the deal with Villanelle and this other chick?
  • Wait, their target is Frank?
  • So Frank’s hiding in his house?
  • Why the hell are we wasting ammo without making sure he’s in the car?
  • Villanelle’s real name is Oksana and this chick is her ex?
  • Nadia, I hope you know Villanelle is probably going to kill you.
  • I freaking knew she was going to kill Nadia.
  • No, don’t end it there!


Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of this one. Didn’t like Villanelle working with others, but I did like learning more about her through Nadia. The stuff with Eve was heartbreaking, especially Bill’s funeral at the beginning. I just wasn’t a fan of this one as a whole. I liked bits of the character stuff, but overall it wasn’t a great episode.


Hope you guys enjoyed my review of “Sorry Baby” and I hope you check out the next review when it’s posted.

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