TV Show Review – Killing Eve: 1×01 “Nice Face”


So, I had heard nothing, but good things about Killing Eve and was so excited to give it a shot. This show did not disappoint at all and kept me captivated from the first episode. So, I’ll be reviewing each episode and we’re going to start with the episode number one, which introduces us to the world of Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh).



  • What is this stare down between Villanelle and this little girl?
  • This little girl looks so creeped out by Villanelle.
  • Was that blood on her watch?
  • What the hell? Why’d you knock her ice cream into her?
  • Why is Eve screaming?
  • Seriously? She screamed like that because her arms fell asleep while she was lying on them? You’re lying on your arms Eve, what did you think would happen?
  • Is Villanelle a sociopath?
  • Why was she pretending to be dead?
  • Okay, so Villanelle is an assassin.
  • Oh, Eve’s married?
  • How does no one notice Villanelle climbing up the side of that building? That is some crappy security you got there dude.
  • She hid in the freaking suitcase?!
  • Villanelle are you using this kid to lure your target to you?
  • Did she just stab  him in the eye and poison him?!

KatieMcGrathOMGWhat GIF.gif

  • Wait, is she getting off on this?
  • Eve, what the hell are you doing?
  • Wow, he must really be used to this because I would have freaked if my wife told me how she would hypothetically kill me.
  • Wait is Villanelle bisexual?
  • Villanelle is too cocky.
  • Villanelle and Eve’s first meeting!
  • Damn, does Villanelle already have a crush on Eve?
  • Holy crap, Villanelle is quick and thank god, Dom wasn’t there.
  • Wait, is this lady offering Eve a job?


I love how it just drops you right into the plot. You’re quickly given an idea of who both Villanelle and Eve are as characters. Villanelle is a skilled assassin who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, she’s cocky about her abilities, might be a sociopath, and has expensive tastes. Eve on the other hand is a cop, I’m assuming since they didn’t really clarify that, who is very observant. She cares about her job, but seems to have a healthy, loving marriage. Overall, this was a strong pilot that does a good job of introducing you to your main characters while still showcasing the minor ones.


Hope you guys enjoyed my review of “Nice Face” and I hope you check out the next review when it’s posted.


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