These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: February 2019

Here are some of my favorite things from February. We’ve got two movies and three albums.




1.) BlackKklansman


This was an amazing and powerful film, I enjoyed every minute of it. The acting, the cinematography, the directing, just everything was done so freaking well. This film kept me engaged, made me think, and was emotional. The ending really hit me the hardest and also took me by surprise.
My only complaint is that I felt the beginning was a bit slow, but I understood why it was slow because they had to establish all the characters and set up the main story of the film. Other than that I really enjoyed it. I would give BlackKklansman, 4.5outof5Stars.

2.) Fighting With My Family


As a big Paige fan I went into this movie interested to see how Paige’s story would be told. Overall, I think the movie did a good job of telling it, but there were a few things that were glossed over or tweaked. Some I understood and some annoyed me a bit. The cast was great and this film was so freaking funny. Even with the changes and tweaks to her story, I still really enjoyed this movie, and this is definitely a movie that both wrestling and non-wrestling fans can enjoy. I would give Fighting With My Family, 4outof5Stars.


1.) Ariana Grande “thank u, next”


When Ariana released her single “thank u, next” and then announced another album was coming I was really excited because while I loved “sweetener” I understood the criticism that album received and was interested to see what direction Ariana would take this new album.
“thank u, next” is just as good, if not better than, “sweetener”. The journey Ariana takes you on with this album is heartbreaking, funky, sweet, and just all around captivating. Her voice is as amazing as usual, but to me it’s the lyrical content that stands out the most with this album. When listening to this after “sweetener” it almost feels like the the previous album was both what Ariana wanted/felt at the time. “thank u, next” feels completely different, this album feels more real, honest, and raw.
Some of my favorite tracks were “Imagine”, “Needy”, “Bloodline”, “Fake Smile”, “Bad Idea”, “Ghostin”, “7 Rings”, “Thank U, Next”, and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”.
Overall, this is a strong album that has some amazing vocals and lyrical content. I honestly just loved everything about this album and it just makes me excited for whatever Ariana has up her sleeve in the future.


2.) H.E.R. “H.E.R.”


While watching the Grammys this year, I was introduced to H.E.R. and quickly needed to know about her. Her voice and performance captivated me and after listening to this album I just want more. H.E.R.’s voice is so hypnotizing and just feels calming. The lyrical content and music was just as great as her voice. I will say the thing I struggled the most with was the fact that this album was 21 songs long. I personally don’t think it needed to be that long and I feel like it hurts it’s replay value because there are some songs on the album that sound musically similar and that can make it sound like the songs are blending together and not standing out.
Some of my favorite tracks were “Lights”, “Avenue”, “Let Me In”, “Lights On”, “Focus”, “Best Part”, “Jungle”, “Still Down”, “Pigment”, and “I Won’t”. 
Overall this was a great album that could have been amazing if it wasn’t so long. H.E.R. has so much potential and I can’t wait to see what else she creates, but I just hope she shortens her future albums a little.


3.) Avril Lavigne “Head Above Water”


Avril Lavigne has been one of my favorite artists since I was in Elementary school. When I found out that she was coming out with a new album after a six year hiatus, due to her battle with Lyme disease, to say I was excited would be an understatement. This album was fantastic and just perfectly showcased what makes Avril such a great artist. This album still had the fun, playful side she’s always  puts in her music, but she still had that vulnerability and reliability she’s always had still there.
While I loved this album, I will say there were tracks that I was not a fan of.  “Dumb Blonde” and “Goddess” were just not on par with the rest of the album. “Dumb Blonde” while have that same fun cheerleader like element that songs like “Girlfriend” had, it just didn’t connect with me. I just found it, unfortunately, dumb. I understood the point Avril was trying to make with this song, but it just didn’t hit the mark for me. Then when it came to “Goddess”, my problem with that one was simply that it was just that, simple. It’s very repetitive and lyrically quite simple. It’s a pretty song with a good sentiment, but it’s just a really forgettable song.
Some of my favorite tracks were “Head Above Water”, “Birdie”, “I Fell in Love With the Devil”, “Tell Me It’s Over”, “It Was In Me”, “Souvenir”, “Crush”, “Bigger Wow”, “Love Me Insane”, and “Warrior”
Overall this was a strong return for Avril and I could not be prouder to be a fan. She showcased everything that has been going on in her life these past six years and with the exception of two songs, was able to do it perfectly.



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