TV Show Review – Charmed: 1×01 “Something Wicca This Way Comes”


Charmed was not a show I fell for right away, but over time it became one of my absolute favorites. With the news of the reboot coming soon, I decided to rewatch this wonderful show from the beginning and post reviews of each episode. These won’t be full blown reviews, but more like my random thoughts throughout the episode, with a summery at the end. I’ll also be rating each episode using a five star rating system.

[Oh, I should mention that if you haven’t seen Charmed, for whatever reason, then you shouldn’t read these articles because there will be so many spoilers for the episode I’m talking about and future plotlines. You’ve been warned.]

Thoughts While Watching the Episode

  • It may seem ridiculous, but I’ve always hated Holly Marie Combs with bangs. It just doesn’t flatter her in my opinion so I hate that for all of season one and most of season two she has bangs. Thankfully she fixes that and as far as I can remember she doesn’t have bangs again for the rest of the series.
  • It’s interesting to me that in the opening credits, Alyssa Milano is the last name in the credits. I guess my brain just remembers more clearly the later seasons when she’s the first name, but I thought she was at least after Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs, not T.W. King and Dorian Gregory.
  • I never understood why they covered Alyssa’s back tattoo in the first couple seasons. Also, if they always planned to cover her tattoo’s they should have gotten better makeup because it’s so obvious that Alyssa has makeup covering her tattoo.
  • Okay, what? When Phoebe’s inspecting the attic, the box holding the Book of Shadows glows…….What?! Also, why isn’t Phoebe not freaked out that a previously locked attic door just opens behind her when she’s about to walk away? If that had been me that would have freaked me out.
  • I love how after Phoebe reads the spell, the picture of the three of them changes so that they’re standing closer together. Also, as far as I can remember none of them mention that the picture has changed. I mean, how did none of them notice that?
  • Roger is such a scumbag. I don’t understand what Prue ever saw in him to not only agree to marry him, but to date him in the first place.
  • Piper being confused by Chief Moore not moving and then deciding to take advantage of this random weirdness by adding the last ingredient to her dish always makes me laugh.
  • Okay…..Prue why don’t you just speak a little louder about the fact your a witch? I don’t think everyone in the store could hear you.
  • I can’t remember, but did Andy ever question them about the fact that they have the same cat as the blonde victim from the beginning of the episode?

Final Thoughts

What the series premiere does so well is it shows the dynamic of the Halliwell sisters, them as individuals, their powers, and the evil that will come after them. Not only are the sisters introduced well, but so are the side characters like Andy and Darryl. While there were some hiccups throughout the episode, I think the writers and cast did a great job of bringing this world to life. It’s a strong first episode that makes you curious about not only the rest of the season, but the series as a whole.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review and my review of the next episode should be up soon.


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