These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: December 2017

Here are my favorite things from December.



1.) Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

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Going into The Last Jedi I had no clue what to expect, but after seeing it all I can say is that I loved it. I’m shocked at how much hate the film is getting, but that might have to do with the fact that these films are not my childhood. I wasn’t raised on Star Wars like a lot of people were. For myself I can say I did enjoy this movie. I loved the journey Luke goes on in this film and learning the reason why he has exiled himself was so fascinating to watch. His dynamic with Rey was a joy to watch as well. I also liked the dynamic between Rey and Kylo Ren. I thought that brought more complexities to their characters, both on their own and together. I loved the addition of characters like Rose Tico and Admiral Holdo, they both had great stories and interactions with Finn and Poe. There were some scenes that confused me, seemed unnecessary, or ran a bit long, but overall I really loved The Last Jedi and I can’t wait to see it again, whether that be in a theater or when it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray.



1.) Grace VanderWaal “Just the Beginning”

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Okay, so I fell in love with Grace VanderWaal’s voice when I saw the video of her audition on America’s Got Talent, so when her first album Perfectly Imperfect came out I bought it and it became one of my favorite albums last year. So, I wasn’t aware that Grace was working on a new album, and was shocked when I went shopping this month, and saw a new album from Grace sitting in the CD section of Wal-Mart. I bought it, went home, put it into my CD player, laid on my bed, and just listened to this new album.
Just the Beginning is as beautiful and relatable as her first album. She does have some more Pop sounding influences in this album compared to her first, but Grace still holds true to who she is. She still has that ukulele and folk sound that made me fall for her sound, plus her voice sounds stronger on this album. It’s like Grace decided to test her vocal limits and it paid off. Some of the notes she hits on this album are just so lovely to listen to.
Some of my favorites on the album are “Moonlight”, “Sick of Being Told”, “Burned”, “So Much More Than This”, “Escape My Mind”, “Talk Good”, “Florets”, “Insane Sometimes”, and “A Better Life”. Even if you’ve never listened to Grace, I would strongly recommend giving her music a try.



1.) Waitress

Image result for waitress musical des moines

So, last year when Sara Bareilles released an album entitled What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress I was instantly curious about what this was. I had heard of the movie that the musical is based on, but had never seen it, which changed this year. After seeing the movie, listening to Sara’s album, the cast recording, and watching the performance at the Tony’s, I knew I had to see this musical. That dream came true on December 9th when I got to see Waitress live.
This is such a fun musical and definitely is something everyone should see. I loved the cast, especially Desi Oakley who portrayed Jenna, Charity Angel Dawson who portrayed Becky, and Jeremy Morse who portrayed Ogie. Those three stole the show for me. Desi was an amazing Jenna and brought me close to tears a couple times. Charity’s voice was so powerful that it blew me away, plus she was so funny. Jeremy was an amazing Ogie and did a phenomenal job at bringing the quirky aspects to Ogie to life beautifully.
If you’ve never heard of Waitress, I’d highly recommend you check it out and if you have the opportunity to see it live I would strongly urge you to because it’s just a fun, heartbreaking, and uplifting show that I enjoyed immensely.



1.) The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur


So, I’ve already written up my review of Rupi Kaur’s second book of poetry. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it 5outof5Stars.



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