Dancing With The Stars Recap: “Disney Night Was Full of Magic”


Season 25, Episode 6 “Disney Night”

Tonight was “Disney Night” and this was a magical night. I enjoyed all the routines, some were stronger than others. I will say I was quite shocked by not only who got eliminated, but who was in the bottom two this week. The opening number was really cute. I loved how it started off slow & made you feel like you were watching a ball scene out of Cinderella and then picked up the pace. Then I liked the introduction of each couple & getting a sneak peek of what Disney routines we were about to see.
Now let’s look at these performances one by one.

[Spoilers Below]

1.) Victoria and Val
For Victoria’s dance she did Steamboat Willy. This routine was really cute and I think Victoria and Val’s chemistry was so strong during the routine, but unfortunately it just didn’t connect with me. I just felt quite indifferent watching it which is unfortunate because like I said it was cute. I don’t know if it deserved the three 9’s it got, but I do think Victoria did a good job.
Final Judges Score: 27

2.) Vanessa and Maks
For Vanessa’s dance she did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. First off Vanessa and Maks looked really cute as Snow White and the Prince. I think the beginning was really good and strong, but somewhere near the end I feel like it got a little rocky which made the ending not as strong as the beginning. I can still feel that there is some tension between Vanessa and Maks, but not as bad as it seemed last week. Hopefully, they can fix that, but we’ll have to wait and see.
Final Judges Score: 24

3.) Lindsey and Mark
For Lindsey’s dance she did Pinocchio. This routine was so elegant and beautiful. I loved everything about this routine. How it started off slow and then slowly started to pick up the pace, and just how simple this was. While I love how theatrical these two can be in their routines, I think the simplicity of this one made it even more stunning. Just loved this performance.
Final Judges Score: 28

4.) Nick and Peta
For Nick’s dance he did The Jungle Book. This was a fun performance and I’m glad that it looked like Nick was having fun with it. Unfortunately I felt like Nick might have gotten too in his head because he did seem to get a little lost in some parts, but he was able to make up for it. With how little Nick is improving I’m wondering how much longer he can stick around.
Final Judges Score: 22

5.) Drew and Emma
For Drew’s dance he did The Muppets. This was a really lovely performance from these two. I think Drew did a really great job and he looked quite elegant during the dance. I think this might have been my favorite dance from Drew so far and I also loved the rainbow coloring in their outfits.
Final Judges Score: 25

6.) Sasha and Gleb
For Sasha’s dance she did The Little Mermaid. I love Sasha and I think she did a great job, but it just didn’t do anything for me. I feel like it was better compared to last week, but I don’t think this dance will do anything to get her out of the middle of the pack. I don’t know if it’s just that Sasha’s still not 100% confident in her movements or if Gleb’s choreography just isn’t showcasing Sasha well. There is just some kind of disconnect that they need to fix or Sasha is gonna go home.
Final Judges Score: 24

7.) Terrell and Cheryl
For Terrell’s dance he did The Lion King. I felt that Terrell was really technically sound and told a great story during the performance. I do think he had fun, but I felt like Terrell was focusing a lot that I felt he was a bit vacant in his expressions. Sure he was smiling, but it felt like a forced smile on his face. I actually have started to really like Terrell on the show. I like that his ego has started to take a backseat and he genuinely seems to want to do well in this competition and make Cheryl proud.
Final Judges Score: 25

8.) Frankie and Witney
For Frankie’s dance he did Pirates of the Caribbean. Holy crap, Frankie killed it. This was such an amazing performance and he definitely brought the sexy. There was such amazing chemistry between these two. Frankie just brought out so much intensity and sexiness to this routine. Loved everything about this performance. I do feel like Frankie should have gotten the first 30 of the season.
Final Judges Score: 29

9.) Jordan and Lindsay
For Jordan’s dance he did Moana. I swear Jordan can do no wrong. This was another amazing performance from Jordan and it looked like such a fun routine. I will say I didn’t like this routine as much as I liked his routine from last week and I think that has to do with the emotion of last week’s performance. Great routine, lots of fun, and enjoyable. I don’t think this routine deserved the first 30, but I’m not surprised he got it.
Final Judges Score: 30

10.) Nikki and Artem
For Nikki’s dance she did Coco. This was such a fun and enjoyable dance. This is the most comfortable I’ve seen Nikki look during a routine. She didn’t look stiff, or unsure. She looked beautiful, graceful, and like she was having a blast. This was definitely her best dance and I’m so happy she got those nines. Now, let’s hope she can keep up this momentum next week.
Final Judges Score: 27

Dance of the Night: This week was a little tough because I feel like it was between Lindsey and Frankie for dance of the night, but after thinking about it for awhile I think I’m gonna have to award this honor to Frankie. As much as I loved how graceful and beautiful Lindsey’s dance was, I was just entertained and impressed a lot more with Frankie’s.
Bottom Two: Sasha and Gleb & Frankie and Witney
Eliminated: Sasha and Gleb
I’m not that shocked to see Sasha go. I did hope she’d last longer, but could tell that her routines weren’t memorable and she was coasting in the middle. She didn’t stand out last week or this week so unfortunately it was her time to go. I will say I was shocked that Frankie and Witney were in the bottom with her. They definitely didn’t deserve to be in the bottom.


There was so many fun routines tonight and so many competitors stepped up there game, but there were a couple that fell a little flat. Next week is going to be “Movies Night” and I’m really interested to see what these routines are going to look like next week since Tom Bergeron stated that the routines are gonna be based on movie genres. Well, hope you all enjoyed the show, don’t forget to vote for your favorite competitors and I’ll talk to you all next week.


2 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars Recap: “Disney Night Was Full of Magic”

  1. queenjuliadelbel says:

    Not surprised to see Sasha go for the reasons you said. I highly doubt Frankie was in the actual bottom 2. They just put him there for drama lol. I think he’s making the finale. Next week it’s probably one or both of the married duo.


    • randommunchkin says:

      Yeah, someone else mentioned that to me & you’re probably right. I have a feeling that might be what happens. Normally I’d think Nick would go home before Vanessa, but due to the tension between her and Maks, I’m not so sure anymore.


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