Dancing With The Stars Recap: “Could of Used a Little More Sizzle”


Season 25, Episode 3 “Latin Night”

Tonight was “Latin Night” and it was good, but it could have been better. I was expecting fire and, like my title says, some sizzle with these performances. Now, I did get that with some, but not all. It was a better night compared to last night, but I think I may have set my expectations a little too high.
Now let’s look at these performances one by one.

[Spoilers Below]

1.) Nikki and Artem
Nikki and Artem’s chemistry was still solid and Nikki looked stunning, but I just didn’t like it. In Nikki’s video package she talked about how she felt awkward dancing with Artem this week because of her fiance, John Cena. I know Nikki Bella can be sexy and she knows this as well, but it was just being close and intimate, and doing a sexual type of dance with someone who isn’t John, I think messed with Nikki mentally. I felt she was too in her head, and needed to let go, and embrace the dance. I also feel like last night and tonight’s choreography felt a bit simple compared to everyone else. Not sure why that is, but I’m hoping to see some stronger routines in the future. I hope this weak dance and the judges scores don’t sour any fans of Nikki because I’d love to see her go on.
Final Judge Score: 18

2.) Victoria and Val
I think Victoria did a great job, but I didn’t fully believe her in the face. She looked more like she was focusing, but her face wasn’t illustrating the story they were trying to tell. She’s still doing great with the actual dancing, but I just needed her to do a better job at conveying the story of the dance. Also, loved that they gave Victoria a cake for her birthday, which was today, and that was sweet of Taylor Swift to send her flowers.
Final Judge Score: 20

3.) Derek and Sharna
I think I liked last night’s performance better, but Derek did a great job tonight as well. I loved his intensity and it was a really fascinating routine to watch. I do think Derek may have slipped a little at the end there, at least that’s how it looked to me, but overall another nice performance from him and Sharna.
Final Judge Score: 19

4.) Sasha and Gleb
The video package before the dance with Sasha talking about her weight issues and how people reacted was really heartbreaking. As a fan of Pretty Little Liars, I did see those comments Sasha was talking about. People were very critical of her not looking thin like she used to or compared to her costars. I was unaware that Sasha had a hormone condition that affected her weight and I’m happy for her that this competition is helping her lose some of that weight and seems to be making her feel more confident. Now, moving on to the dance, this was so good. I feel like Sasha looked a lot more comfortable with this dance compared to her first week dance. There was a lot of confidence radiating off of Sasha, she just looked great. I love seeing the progress she’s made with each dance.
Final Judge Score: 22

5.) Nick and Peta
This was a lot better compared to last night. The chemistry was so good between them tonight and I think Nick did really well. I think Nick looked better tonight when you compare his first two dances. The one little critique I would have is that I didn’t really feel that intensity in his face. I felt he had the steps, but his face lacked the intensity.
Final Judge Score: 19

6.) Jordan and Lindsay
Okay they killed it. Jordan continues to impress and prove just how amazing he is. The quickness and just intensity this routine had was wonderful to watch. I’m starting to think there isn’t a dance Jordan can’t do.
Final Judge Score: 24

7.) Drew and Emma
Drew has struggled these first two dances, but I think he did so well tonight. He looked to have a lot better control of his body during this dance compared to the last two dances. His facial expressions were a lot better to me compared to last night. I feel like with this dance him and Emma were able to work with his height to put together a very pretty dance.
Final Judge Score: 21

8.) Debbie and Alan
Debbie and Alan looked really great out on the floor and I really love them together. I did enjoy the dance and the intensity in Debbie’s face. I did feel the movements felt a bit slow, but that didn’t really take away from the performance. Debbie’s dress was stunning and I think she’s really improving well with each dance she does.
Final Judge Score: 21

9.) Vanessa and Maks
I really liked this performance a lot more than last night’s performance. I will admit, i don’t really like how this is the third dance where they’ve started out dancing with other people and then they come together. I need them to switch it up next week. Vanessa continues to shine with each performance and I’m loving her on the show.
Final Judge Score: 23

10.) Terrell and Cheryl
I feel like Terrell is improving with each dance, but I think I liked last night’s better than tonight’s. I still don’t like his personality, but I do enjoy watching him and Cheryl when they perform. I just didn’t feel the connection between them during this one and he felt a little stiff during this one, but still good.
Final Judge Score: 19

11.) Lindsey and Mark
They killed it. This was such a fun performance and you could tell that both of them were having a good time. I liked this one better than last night and I felt like Lindsey really showcased how talented she is. I do love the consistency we’re seeing from her and Mark so far with each dance they perform. I will say that I feel like Lindsey probably wasn’t as comfortable with this type of dance kind of like Nikki, but the difference between them was that Lindsey didn’t let it get to her like Nikki did.
Final Judge Score: 24

12.) Frankie and Witney
This was so good. I loved how much personality Frankie showed in this dance and it didn’t look like he was nervous at all tonight. He just showed killed it tonight. Him and Witney keep doing great each dance they do and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Also, congrats to Frankie on getting the first 9 of the season.
Final Judge Score: 25

Dance of the Night: This was quite difficult for me to chose, but I think I’d have to go with Frankie and Witney. I just really loved everything about this dance and I loved the progression we’re seeing from Frankie. 
Bottom Two:
 Nick and Peta & Debbie and Alan
Eliminated: Debbie and Alan
Really disappointed to see Debbie and Alan go home. I felt that Debbie had a lot of potential and deserved to go through to the next round. I’m not saying Nick is horrible, but I feel like Debbie was a bit stronger than him, so it’s really disappointing to see her go so early and him stay.



Another fun night and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Please tell me what you thought of the dances tonight and don’t forget to vote for your favorite celebrity.
Talk to you all again next week.


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