I Have to Get This Off My Chest: An Annoyance with Arrow

Image result for arrow who are you laurel(photo credit: itsalltherage.com)

[WARNING: Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 10 “Who Are You?” Below]

So, tonight’s episode of Arrow brought Laurel back in the form of Black Siren, and I was already aware of this, and that didn’t upset me because any way I can see Katie Cassidy I will take. My main problem with this episode was the fact that they’re bringing in a new Black Canary.

Now, before anyone points it out to me, yes I am aware that they’ve established that Laurel asked Oliver to keep the legacy of the Black Canary alive, but this just pisses me off. If the show wanted to keep the Black Canary a part of the team, then why did they kill Laurel?

It literally doesn’t make any sense to me why Laurel had to die if they still had more story to tell with the Black Canary character. Katie Cassidy was doing a great job at playing Laurel/Black Canary and it’s just a waste to me. Also, it just so happens that this new chick happens to have the Canary Cry necessary to be the Black Canary? It’s just so stupid and disrespectful to Laurel’s character that the writers screwed her character over so much that instead of trying to fix their mistakes with her character, they’ve decided to kill Laurel and start over with this new character.

Earlier I said on my Twitter and Tumblr that I was done with this show and trust me, I’m still thinking about it, but the only reason I feel I might be persuaded to continue watching is because I am invested in finding out who Prometheus is and I’m also invested in some of the new team members.

I’m going to give this new woman a chance, but she’ll never be the Black Canary to me. Sara was never the Black Canary to me and this new women will never be the Black Canary to me.
The Black Canary is and always will be, Laurel Lance.

Okay, I’ve said my peace, rant over.


One thought on “I Have to Get This Off My Chest: An Annoyance with Arrow

  1. V Donovan says:

    I agree, the plot’s kind of a mess right now. I never loved Laurel, but no one wants a new Black Canary, especially this random lady, and literally no one likes Black Siren (not even Oliver, he just feels guilty). She’ll never replace Laurel.
    And to think, the could have brought her back somehow from Flashpoint.


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