(12/20/16): “New Feuds, New Stories & It Was Natalya, It was Natalya All Along” 


With the epic Sasha-Charlotte rivalry now over, Bayley says it's time a new challenger rise to the occasion.                                                                              (WWE)

What Happened?

-After her hard fought battle against Charlotte this past Sunday at Roadblock, Sasha Banks came out on a crutch, the knee Charlotte targeted during their match wrapped up. Sasha talked about how she gave her blood, sweat, and tears. How her and Charlotte made history once again and even though she didn’t want to, she proclaimed that the better woman won. Then Sasha asked Charlotte to come out, but that wasn’t who came out. Sasha soon came face to face with the dominating Nia Jax, who proclaimed that Sasha would “never be the boss” to her. That Sasha was “weak, wounded, and above all else just a little girl”. Nia then kicked Sasha’s crutch, causing her to fall to the mat. Sasha tried to stand on her feet and defend herself, but it was useless. Nia grabbed Sasha by the hair, screamed in her face “I’m the boss, Sasha”, then tossed her across the ring, and Sasha’s injured knee hit the bottom rope. Nia watched Sasha wither in pain, then grabbed Sasha’s crutch and it looked like she was going to do more damage to the former Women’s Champion, but instead just tossed it aside, and left with a satisfied smile on her face.

-The four time Women’s Champion, Charlotte came out to brag about how she defeated Sasha this past Sunday. She proclaimed that she was the most dominate Superstar. That if you were to put her in any era she’d dominate. She even listed off Trish Stratus and the Fabulous Moolah, as people she would dominate if she went against them. Charlotte was then interrupted by the sounds of Bayley’s entrance theme as the Huggable One came out. Bayley stated that she was there to congratulate Charlotte on her victory, but she pointed out that she felt she should have a shot at the Women’s Championship since she’s previously beaten Charlotte twice. Charlotte dismissed Bayley, stating that she didn’t deserve to be in the ring and that Bayley has never been good enough to compete with the other Horsewomen. Bayley then challenged Charlotte to a match and at first it seemed like Charlotte was going to back down, but surprisingly Charlotte accepted Bayley’s challenge.

-Charlotte was dominate in the beginning of this match and it looked like Charlotte might have the match won, but Bayley managed to turn the match in her favor. At one point, Charlotte managed to hit the Moonsault on Bayley, but Bayley managed to kick out, much to the surprise of Charlotte. Charlotte was so surprised that she almost didn’t kick out in time when Bayley rolled her up. Charlotte quickly went back on the attack wanting to prove a point to Bayley. While Charlotte was taunting Bayley, she managed to pin Charlotte for the win, which gave Bayley her third win over the Women’s Champion.



What Happened?

-Natalya came out and asked Nikki Bella to come out. Nikki came out, but before anyone could get a word out, Carmella came out. Carmella continued to say that Natalya confided in her about how much she resented Nikki. She also continued to taunt Nikki about her relationship with John Cena and even asked Nikki if “some of that silicone leaked up into your brain?”. Natalya admitted that she told Carmella some things in confidence, but that they were private. She then called Carmella a snitch and then went after her. The two fought up the ramp and Natalya tossed Carmella into a Christmas tree and presents. Carmella managed to get away and then Natalya got a mic and proclaimed, “I did it, you bitch”. Natalya then went on to rant about how Nikki has gotten everything, but she doesn’t deserve it. How Natalya is a Hart, wrestling royalty and she deserves everything. That Nikki has no personality or charisma and she got this far because she’s beautiful. Natalya then stated that Nikki is “nothing”, which is why “John will never marry you”.

-Alexa Bliss limped into Daniel Byran’s office and asked how Daniel was going to punish Becky Lynch for “injuring” her last week. Daniel said Becky’s punishment would be a championship match against Alexa next week. Then he told Alexa she’d have a match later in the night and if she didn’t compete in the match, she’d lose the title. Alexa stated that she couldn’t because she was injured, Daniel countered her argument with the fact that he had talked to the trainers, and they had stated that Alexa was cleared to compete. Alexa, clearly annoyed, told Daniel that she’d compete tonight, but Daniel would be responsible for whatever happened to her opponent.

-A reluctant Alexa Bliss came out for her match against the mysterious La Luchadora. Alexa was quick to go on the attack, appearing to want to teach La Luchadora a lesson and take out her frustrations on the masked woman. La Luchadora managed to take control of the match from the Women’s Champion and was close to pinning her, but Alexa managed to kick out. La Luchadora went after her again and made Alexa tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her for the win. After the match, La Luchadora took off her mask to reveal that it had been Becky Lynch the whole time, much to annoyance of Alexa Bliss.


So, both shows were better this week than last week.
Starting with Raw, I’m glad we’re moving on from Sasha vs. Charlotte and starting new feuds.
Nia vs. Sasha seems like it’ll be an interesting feud and will benefit both women. It’ll benefit Sasha because it’ll just get the fans even more behind her than they already are. Then with Nia it’ll get her more heel heat when she goes after the WWE Universe’s favorite, plus they want Nia to be built as this dominate force, in the same way they’ve building Braun Strowman. So, Nia going against Sasha and basically murdering her will definitely help build her as that dominate force.
Then with Charlotte moving on to Bayley it works because technically they’ve only built Bayley up as the next one to go after the title. I feel like some of the fans aren’t as behind Bayley as they were when she first debuted so I’m hoping going against Charlotte, who is the perfect heel for her to go against, will get the fans more behind her again. I also don’t know what happened, but Bayley’s mic skills aren’t as good as they were in NXT. I can admit she wasn’t the best on the mic down in NXT, but she felt natural and not forced, like she did on Raw.
Some other little tidbits from Raw: I personally need WWE to hurry up and debut Emmalina because I’m sick of waiting for her and I just miss Emma, that I’ll take her any way I can get her.
The whole storyline with Alicia Fox, Cedric Alexander, and Noam Dar is very conflicting for me. I’m glad Alicia is getting screentime/a storyline, but I don’t like her being arm candy and something for the male Superstars to fight over. She should be in that ring wrestling and going after the title. We’ll see what happens in the future, but I’m just not a big fan of what they’re doing with Alicia.

Then with Smackdown, I’m glad we finally answered the question of who attacked Nikki at Survivor Series. I’m still a little disappointed because I wanted it to be Eva and I felt it was too predictable to be Natalya, but whatever. I still don’t like how they’re using the fact that Nikki is dating John Cena as a way to tear her down. The silicone line in particular that Carmella said, I wasn’t a fan of, but I shouldn’t be surprised that WWE would do this type of storyline because they continue to think that the best way to have women fight is by them tearing each other down.
I will admit that the promo that Natalya gave was the best she’s ever given. Her whole heel run, I’ve felt like she wasn’t believable and thought it was a mistake to turn her, but this promo changed that. While it did include the things I mentioned I hate, the way Natalya delivered it was so believable and genuine that it actually made me excited about this feud. As long as Natalya can keep that level of animosity up then these two will have a great feud.
Becky dressing up as La Luchadora was perfect and so fun. It was great to me because I feel like Becky got to have some fun messing with Alexa’s mind going into their title match next week, but Alexa got to be aggressive and tried to show how dominate she can be by destroying, who she thought, was just some random female wrestler. Their title match next week should be fun, I’m personally hoping that Alexa retains because I want her to have a good reign before she loses it, plus I don’t want Smackdown to play hot potato with their Women’s Championship like Raw.
Some other tidbits from Smackdown: The Miz bringing up the fact that Renee Young was not only dating Dean Ambrose, but sleeping with him was unexpected and makes me wonder where they are going with this. Is Renee going to be involved in this feud they’re setting up with Miz and Ambrose? It just seemed a bit weird, but we’ll see what happens.
Also, Carmella comforting James Ellsworth was a bit weird, but I’m interested to see what her plan is because I highly doubt she did that out of the kindness of her heart, but we’ll have to wait and see.


This Week’s Winner: 431a7e38680af6bcab032928c604f199
Now, Smackdown wins this week, but it was very close this week. Raw stepped up their game by starting these new feuds, but since they’re in the beginning stages I’ll need more time to see if they are good changes for Raw.




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