(12/13/16): “Next Week = Premiering Soon & Who Attacked Nikki? We May Never Know” 




What Happened?

-A video package showcasing Charlotte and Sasha’s feud and highlighting their historic matches was shown.

-In a backstage segment, Alicia Fox destroyed one of Bayley’s teddy bears because she was convinced that Bayley had been flirting with Cedric Alexander last week. Bayley denied Alicia’s allegations, then Alicia stated that Bayley’s victory last week was a fluke, and that she’d prove that it was later in the night.

-Bayley was quick to take the early advantage in this match. Alicia was able to get some momentum and there were a couple times when it looked like Alicia might have the match won, but Bayley managed to hit Alicia with a Belly to Bayley for the win.

-Last week we were shown another Emmalina vignette with the promise that the “makeover” would be over next week and Emmalina would redebut tonight, but that wasn’t the case. Another vignette was shown saying that Emmalina would be “premiering soon”.


But since they’re both in their ring gear, Becky wants her rematch now!                                                                         (WWE)

What Happened?

-While Natalya was making her entrance for her match against Carmella, it was shown that Nikki Bella was going to be on commentary during the match. Before the match started Natalya got on the mic, swore to Nikki that she didn’t attack her, and that she wouldn’t do that. Carmella then interrupted Natalya and made her entrance. As soon as Carmella got in the ring, Natalya was quick to go after her. Natalya was unrelenting in her attack of Carmella and kept shouting that Carmella was a “liar” and “pathetic”. Carmella managed to take the advantage away from Natalya and also called Natalya a “liar”. The action then spilled out of the ring, and Natalya walked over to Nikki, and continued to profess her innocence. Carmella was about to take advantage of Nikki’s back being to her, but Natalya pushed Nikki out of the way and hit Carmella with a forearm. She tossed Carmella back into the ring, while still saying she “didn’t do it” to Nikki. Carmella took advantage of this and rolled Natalya up for the win. Nikki, still looking unsure, walked away, leaving an upset Natalya in the ring.

-Deonna Purrazzo was in the ring as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring. Alexa took the mic from Greg Hamilton, and stated that she doesn’t give out charity cases like Becky Lynch, and that she wouldn’t face Deonna. Alexa then attacked Deonna from behind, but stopped when Becky’s music hit. Becky apologized for how she acted last week and pointed out that Alexa was right to turn her down last week since she hadn’t been in her ring gear. Becky then pointed out that both women were in their ring gear tonight and that she wanted her rematch right now. Alexa turned Becky down stating that she would choose when they had their match. Shane McMahon then came out and stated that that’s not how things are run on Smackdown Live. He then ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell because Becky’s rematch was happening right now.

-When the show returned from a commercial break, the match was already underway with both women going after each other, obviously wanting to leave with the Women’s Championship. Becky seemed to be getting the upperhand in the match when Alexa looked to hurt her knee while trying to escape the ring. Alexa hobbled around the ring as the ref started counting. The match ended when the ref reached 10, giving Becky the win, but not the title. Becky not happy with Alexa managing to escape this match with the Women’s Championship went after Alexa dragging her back to the ring and continuing to attack her. Alexa managed to escape and continued the facade of an injured knee as she limped up the ramp while an angry Becky watched.


Honestly, I felt like both Raw and Smackdown are just coasting this week and it’s a little disappointing.

With Raw, I get that nothing huge happened since the pay-per-view is this Sunday, plus they were dealing with the fact that the New Day were going to beat Demolitions record as the longest Tag Team Champions. The video package for Charlotte and Sasha was good and definitely showcased how intense and important this feud has been. This “feud”, if you can call it that, between Alicia and Bayley over Cedric is okay, but I’d like something a little better for the reasoning behind them fighting. I’d also like Alicia to at least win one of their matches. I think my only annoyance from Raw this week is the fact that they advertised that Emmalina was going to be on Raw and all they did was play another promo before saying “premiering soon”. I don’t know what happened, but I’m so sick of these vignettes. I just want Emma!
She is an amazingly talented woman who should already be on Raw, building this new character and establishing feuds, but she’s not for some reason and I’m just so freaking frustrated with that. We’ll see what happens on Sunday between Sasha and Charlotte. I also like that they established that apparently it won’t matter if Charlotte wins or not, their will be no rematch clause after this match, which is good because I feel like Charlotte is going to win this Sunday and that’s because I don’t think WWE isn’t ready to end her winning streak at pay-per-views yet.

Then with Smackdown, nothing really developed this week. We still don’t know who attacked Nikki, Natalya keeps denying that it was her, and Carmella is kind of there just to keep pointing the finger at Natalya. Hopefully after Roadblock, we’ll start to develop the storylines heading to the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania and hopefully those will include who attacked Nikki.
I wasn’t at all surprised that Alexa would take the count out or that Becky attacked her afterwards. I’m wondering if we’re going to get another match later on down the line between them or if they’re gonna set up a new opponent for Alexa. Also, just like last week, where in the hell is Naomi? Seriously, she is the only woman on Smackdown that is not involved in a storyline which makes no sense to me. Is she injured? Is she just sitting in the back twiddling her thumbs? I mean what is going on?


This Week’s Winner: untitled2
Surprisingly, just like last week, this week is a draw. Like I said above, I feel like both shows are just coasting and maybe after Roadblock this Sunday, we’ll be able to spice up the storylines on both shows and make them a little more interesting, but until then pretty “meh” week for both shows.


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