(12/7/16): “Sasha and Charlotte’s Feud Continues & the Aftermath of TLC”



What Happened?

-Sasha Banks was shown backstage with Charly Caruso who asked about her match last week. Sasha talked about how last week the two had made history once again and how she walked into Charlotte’s “kingdom” and stole her “crown”. When asked about Ric Flair coming out at the end of the match last week, Sasha said that even though they’ve had their differences in the past, that the better woman won and that Charlotte does not deserve “to live in Ric Flair’s legacy”. Then when Charly quoted Charlotte’s tweet last week, Sasha challenged Charlotte to an Iron Man match at Roadblock.

-During the preshow, Bayley was giving out her Bayley Bears and gave one to Cedric Alexander, which did not set well with Alicia Fox, who has made it clear the past couple of weeks that she has developed a crush on Cedric. So, that lead to their match later in the night. Fox was dominant early in the match, but it wasn’t long until Bayley took that control from her and picked up the victory with a Belly to Bayley.

-Throughout the night we were reminded how months ago, Charlotte turned on her father. Charlotte talked about how she didn’t feel good enough, how she’s always wanted her father’s approval. She mentioned how seeing her father raising Sasha’s hand after she had lost had hurt her and all she wanted to do was apologize to her father. Ric Flair came out, Charlotte apologized, and then they hugged. After the hug, it looked like they were gonna go back in for another hug, but Charlotte shocked everyone, including her father, by slapping him across the face. She then ranted about how she was his daughter and he should support her, not Sasha. Sasha then came out, but she wasn’t able to get any offense in as Charlotte quickly went on the attack. The action fell out of the ring and it all ended when Charlotte lifted Sasha up and it looked like she was going to power bomb Sasha, but she ended up throwing Sasha over her head into the ring post. Charlotte then dragged a lifeless Sasha back into the ring and laid her in front of Ric proclaiming “that’s your trophy”.


Alexa Bliss brings her newly-won SmackDown Women’s Championship to the ring.                                                                               (WWE)

What Happened?

Carmella came out and talked about how Natalya was the one who attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series and she did it because she’s jealous of Nikki. She stated that Natalya ranted and complained to Carmella about how she deserves opportunities, not Nikki. Before Carmella could say much more a clearly angry Natalya came out and attacked Carmella. Carmella managed to get away, started to head to the back, but she was quickly followed by Natalya. When Natalya got to the back Carmella was nowhere to be seen, but a very angry Nikki was. Natalya swore to Nikki that she didn’t do it. Nikki didn’t respond on whether or not she believed Natalya, she just glared at her, and then walked away.

We saw a still upset looking Nikki walking around backstage when she ran into Sophia Grace, who had been invited by Nikki to Smackdown. They talked about Sophia Grace’s music and she promised to have Nikki’s back.

The new Smackdown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss came out to the ring to celebrate her victory this past Sunday at TLC. She started her celebration by stating that “the witch is champ” and that she didn’t appreciate the word that Becky called her last week that rhymed with “witch”, but she didn’t seem too opposed to the word as she proclaimed that “this little bitch now runs the whole Smackdown Women’s Division”. Becky Lynch then came out and talked about how she couldn’t stand the sight of Alexa being Women’s Champion and how she wanted her rematch. Alexa seemed to agree before rolling out of the ring, making it clear that she’ll decide when Becky gets her rematch.


Okay, I’m really not gonna rant about this this week because I have made my feelings very clear about Sasha and Charlotte’s feud continuing, so all I’m gonna say this week is that please let it end at Roadblock. If you want to know my thoughts read the last two weeks of my recaps, my Twitter, or my Tumblr because I’m very vocal both of my social media accounts. I’m excited for the Iron Man match at Roadblock, but still a little annoyed that they’re giving all these big history making moments to just these two. I mean at this rate, there isn’t gonna be anything left for any other women to make history with. Also, once again another of Raw’s women tweeted last night about their displeasure with this feud. Nia Jax tweeted a simple GIF from the movie “Groundhog Day” which if you click here, you’ll see it and I agree with her. This is getting so damn repetitive that it does feel like we’re getting the same thing every Raw.
I’m annoyed that they’re not really doing much with Bayley, right now and I think that’s really hurting her. Personally, I feel like a lot of the main roster crowd has lost interest in Bayley, which is really sad because Bayley is one of my favorites and it makes me sad to see her being wasted on the main roster. I’m also not happy with what they’re doing with Alicia, but then again, I feel like I’m never happy with what the WWE does with Alicia. I would hope that maybe something could develop between these two to make a legit feud, but I know it won’t.
Their was a weird segment with Lana, Enzo, and Rusev…..it was just weird…..I don’t know what the hell they’re doing with that storyline.
The only good things for me last night were Charlotte and Emmalina. Charlotte killed it in her promo before Flair came out and after she slapped him. Charlotte continues to impress me every week and she’s one of the best heels the WWE has right now.
Now, Emmalina didn’t redebut last night, but they did announce that she will be redebuting next week and I personally can’t wait.

With Smackdown this week, it was a bit slower and I get that because they’re now setting up new feuds, plus stuff for possibly the Royal Rumble. With the Natalya/Nikki/Carmella stuff I still don’t believe that Natalya was the one to attack Nikki. I believe that it was probably Eva considering I’ve seen that she should be returning soon and it just seems to obvious to be Natalya. I like the idea of a possible Natalya/Carmella feud because honestly, I prefer Natalya as a face because she is just more believable as a face then a heel, and I believe her and Carmella would work really well together.
The little segment with Nikki and Sophia Grace was fine. I know I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about it, but it was a quick, cute segment. She was there to promote her music and it was like 2 or 3 minutes tops. Everyone whining about it, just needs to get over it.
I absolutely love that Alexa won on Sunday, even though I’m a bit sad that Becky is no longer champion, but I know she’ll win it back eventually. One of the reasons I love that Alexa is the second Smackdown Women’s Champion is because just like Becky, she was never NXT Women’s Champion, even though she deserved it, so I’m so happy for her. I can’t wait to see their rematch and I’m wondering when it will be because the next Smackdown pay-per-view isn’t until February and we don’t really know what the women of both Smackdown and Raw will be doing at Royal Rumble, so we’ll just have to wait and see.
My one very big complaint is where the hell is Naomi? I just don’t understand why she’s not being used. Naomi is one of the best female wrestlers they have and she deserves to have better opportunities then she’s being given.


This Week’s Winner: untitled2
I decided that this week is a draw because there was no clear real winner for me this week. While I’m still frustrated and annoyed with the Charlotte/Sasha feud continuing and the fact that the other women aren’t getting used properly, Smackdown didn’t “wow” me this week because they’re obviously setting up new storylines and that will take some time to get going. Hopefully, next week will be better and stronger.


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