(11/29/16): “Title Changes & Gearing Up For TLC”



What Happened?

-Early in the show we saw Dana Brooke talking to Charlotte about how she had prepared a celebration for Charlotte, North Carolina’s hometown girl. Charlotte stated that after tonight her feud with Sasha Banks would be over.

-Next was Charlotte and Sasha’s title match. As soon as the bell rang, these two women were going at it. Charlotte clearly was trying to show how superior she is to Sasha, while Sasha was trying to regain the title that had been taken from her at Hell in a Cell. The action spilled out into the crowd and because of that the match ended with a double count out, much to the surprise of the audience. General Manager, Mick Foley then came out and proclaimed that that was not how their feud was going to end. He demanded that this match would happen later, but this time it would be a Fall Count Anywhere match.

-Sasha was shown in the back preparing for her match, when Bayley came in to give her friend a pep talk and encourage her. While Sasha appreciated Bayley’s words, she told her that the main focus was on her, not Bayley and that when she won, she would dedicate her win to Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair.

-The women of Raw once again were the main event of the show as Charlotte and Sasha took full advantage of their Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. The action was intense and entertaining. Sasha went after Charlotte with a kendo stick, Charlotte did a Moonsault off of the commentary table onto Sasha, and Sasha hit Charlotte with her double knees from the barricade. The action, just like earlier, spilled out into the crowd as the two started to climb the stairs going further into the crowd. Charlotte ended up in between one of the stair railings, and Sasha took advantage of that, and locked in the Banks Statement for the win. Sasha went back to the ring, holding the championship high in her hands, now a three time Women’s Champion. Ric Flair then came out, raised Sasha’s hand, and gave her a hug in congratulations.


Will Alexa walk away from Dallas the new SmackDown Women's Champion this Sunday?                                                                               (WWE)

What Happened?

-Renee Young was in the ring to oversee the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. Alexa came out and while she was making her way to the ring a recap of last week when Alexa attacked Becky from behind was shown. Then the Smackdown Women’s Champion came out. Alexa excused Renee from her duties, stated Renee had horrible fashion sense, and then Renee left. Becky countered Alexa’s comment on Renee’s fashion by pointing out that Alexa was trying to look like Harley Quinn. Alexa talked about how she should have won at Glasgow, but the ref was blind and didn’t see her foot on the rope. Becky talked about how Alexa reminded her of her cousin. She described how both were blonde, loved glitter, and liked to whine. Then Becky pointed out that the only difference between them was that Becky’s cousin was four years old. Alexa said that Becky got what she wanted because she’s nice. Becky argued that being nice didn’t get her her match at Wrestlemania, didn’t make her the first female drafted to Smackdown, or help her become the first Smackdown Women’s Champion. Alexa pretended to almost be sick and stated that every time Becky speaks she feels like she’s gonna vomit. Becky and Alexa then went at it. Becky cleared off the table and seemed to be setting up for a Bexploder Suplex, but Alexa countered and sent the Women’s Champion crashing into the table.

-Carmella made her way to the ring and before her match, she grabbed a mic and stated that she had a special message for Nikki Bella’s boyfriend, John Cena. She wanted to publicly apologize for the beating she was going to give Nikki this Sunday at TLC. Carmella continued to list off all the ways she was going to destroy Nikki when, having heard enough, Nikki ran down to the ring. The two brawled with Nikki hitting Carmella with a nasty spear. It wasn’t long before Carmella managed to slip out of the ring and got away from the angry Bella.

-Renee caught up with Becky who was icing her aching back from going through a table earlier in the night. Becky told her that she was sore, but that it didn’t matter what kind of match Alexa and her had on Sunday, she was going to get her revenge on “that little bitch”.


“Two steps forward, and one step back.” 
This is how I feel about what happened on Raw. Am I happy that a Women’s Championship match main evented the show again? Yes. Am I happy that once again in Raw’s history the women were having a Falls Count Anywhere match? Yes. What I’m not happy about is the fact that once again, it was Sasha and Charlotte.
I love Charlotte and Sasha, and I think they are so freaking talented, but the fact that Raw continually ignores it’s other female talent is frustrating. I was actually really happy with last week’s women’s segments and the development that was started, but they threw it all away this week. I just think it’s so hypocritical of Raw’s management to say that Raw is the place where women get opportunities when that’s a lie, unless your name is Charlotte or Sasha. Raw doesn’t care about developing the other women, they just want to create moments, which is fine, but it hurts your division. Creating memorable moments is very important, but I feel it lessens the moment when the feud/storyline leading up to the moment is forgettable.
The other thing that is annoying to me is they’re ruining the prestige of their Women’s Championship with it only being held by two women. The Women’s Championship was introduced about seven months ago and since then has had six reigns, and those reigns are only Sasha and Charlotte’s.


I mean, how does that look when it seems like Raw only has faith in Charlotte and Sasha to be champion. Now, I’m sure Bayley will get her own shot at the title soon and will probably win, but the fact that it’s being flip flopped between these two is frustrating. It doesn’t help when your own talent isn’t happy with what’s happening with the booking, which was made clear by both Summer Rae and Emma last night on Twitter.



Sure, people will argue that why should they care since neither women is on TV, right now, but both of these women will be back on TV eventually and why should they care or try to put in the work if they know that they’re not going to used because management wants to only use two of their women constantly.
Overall, Raw needs to step it up and do better. Now, I know Charlotte will get her rematch, so this feud is not over. I don’t know if it’ll be at Roadblock or earlier than that, but it will happen soon. Hopefully, when Charlotte gets her rematch, Sasha will retain so that this feud can be done and over with. They need to move on from these two and develop the other women or else Raw’s women’s division will fail.

Now, moving on to Smackdown. First of all, I’m disappointed that there wasn’t any matches tonight and that we didn’t see Natalya or Naomi. Hopefully after TLC, we can get those two more involved in some serious storylines.
The contract signing was so good. Alexa and Becky have amazing chemistry and their promos their whole feud have been great. I love how angry Becky got and clearly showed how annoyed she is getting with Alexa continuing to say “she’s too nice”. The table spot was really cool and Becky sold it well. I’m so excited to see Becky and Alexa compete in this Tables match. They are both gonna kill it with this match. Not sure who will come out victorious, it looks like Becky might retain since Alexa was left standing tall, but we’ll see.
Carmella continues to impress me. I never thought Carmella could pull off being a heel, but ever since her turn she has proven me wrong and she’s killing it with Nikki. Now, I still hate that they’ve brought Cena into the feud because they’ve used that against Nikki for a couple years now, even though this is the first time they’ve addressed Cena by name, but still. Their No DQ match this Sunday will be just as awesome as I’m sure Becky and Alexa’s match will be. I do hope that they utilize the No DQ stipulation. Personally, I’d love to see Nikki put Carmella through the announce table by using either the Rack Attack 2.0 or the Alabama Slam.
Otherwise, I’m so freaking hyped for both women’s matches this Sunday and can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.


This Week’s Winner: 431a7e38680af6bcab032928c604f199
Main reason for this is simply because Raw refuses to move on from the Sasha/Charlotte feud and while their match was amazing, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they won’t help their division. While Smackdown was missing Nattie and Naomi, they developed their two main feuds even more to make you even more excited for their matches on Sunday.
Pick it up and fix your Women’s Division, Raw.


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