(11/22/16): “Title Rematches Galore!”


Charlotte grants her request, with a match next week on Raw in her hometown of Charlotte, N.C.

What Happened?

-Charlotte came out to gloat about leading Team Raw to victory & how she destroyed Bayley after their win, this past Sunday at Survivor Series. During her ranting, Sasha came out and reminded Charlotte that she was still owed a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte agreed that she did deserve a rematch, but it wouldn’t happen tonight, it would be next week in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nia Jax then came out, stated that she wasn’t there for Charlotte, but was there for Sasha. Nia mentioned that Sasha was just an “overrated barbie doll”. Sasha, not afraid of a fight, looked to be ready to go after Nia, but Dana Brooke made her presence known as she tried to instigate a fight between the two. Instead of going after Nia, Sasha went after Dana and Nia took advantage of that. Nia and Charlotte went after Sasha, but it wasn’t long after that that Bayley came out to help her friend. The show then went to commercial after this.

-When the show returned from commercial break, a match was in progress with Sasha and Bayley teaming up to face Charlotte and Nia. This was a fun match that showcased the talent of these four women. Of course, Sasha and Bayley worked well together and it appeared that Charlotte and Nia were able to stay on the same page, but that didn’t seem to matter in the end. Sasha and Bayley ended up picking up the victory when Sasha was able to make Charlotte tap out to the Bank Statement.



What Happened?

-We were shown Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon backstage in their office talking about everything that had been happening during the night when Alexa Bliss entered the room. Daniel, not wanting to deal with Alexa, left Shane to deal with Alexa’s frustrations. Alexa asked Shane about her rematch with Becky Lynch. Becky then entered the room and assured Shane that she had knocked before entering. Becky told Alexa that she’ll get her rematch at TLC. Natalya then came into the room and blamed their loss at Survivor Series on Becky. Natalya claimed that Becky was so distracted by how threatened she is by Alexa that it had caused her to lose the match for them. Shane then stated that later in the night, Natalya and Becky would have a match. After that Dean Ambrose appeared with a pizza, much to the annoyance of Shane since he had kicked Ambrose out of the building earlier. Becky declined the pizza Ambrose offered and stated that she would see them later after she “takes a ‘pizza’ Natalya’s arm”. Becky then tried to explain her pun and Ambrose acknowledged that he got the pun and loved it.

-Alexa joined the commentary team during Natalya and Becky’s match. Natalya was very dominating during the beginning of this match, but it wasn’t long until Becky was able to take the control from Natalya and deliver some “straight fire” to the Queen of Harts. The match ended when Natalya tapped out to the Dis-Arm-Her. After the match Alexa attacked Becky from behind and laid out the champion with a vicious DDT.

-Carmella was shown backstage in the locker room talking to someone on the phone, but the phone was snatched out of her hand by an angry Nikki Bella. Nikki accused Carmella of being the one who attacked her this past Sunday at Survivor Series. Carmella denied the accusation and listed off other possible suspects like Charlotte, Dana, the staff of the E! network, or even her sister, Brie. Carmella, once again, brought up Nikki’s relationship with John Cena and then Nikki reminded Carmella that her brother-in-law was Smackdown’s general manager, a fact that Carmella was aware of. Nikki informed Carmella that Daniel had accepted her request to face Carmella in a No Disqualifications match at TLC.


Okay, starting with what happened on Raw. I wasn’t at all surprised that Charlotte came out, and talked trash about Bayley, and how Charlotte had been the reason why they won at the PPV. This is pretty much what they do after every PPV where Charlotte walks away victorious. I also wasn’t surprised when Sasha came out because it’s expected. I mean, Sasha lost at Hell in a Cell and deserves her rematch for the title. What did surprise me was I was expecting Bayley then to come out and confront Charlotte for attacking her, but Nia came out instead. I was also surprised that she went after Sasha, instead of Charlotte.
I do agree with Nia calling Sasha “overrated” because I feel she’s gotten a little overrated. I’m hoping WWE can do something to change that because I do honestly believe that Sasha is one of the best wrestlers they have, but we’re just seeing her too much. It’s not just her, but Charlotte is in the same boat as Sasha. I admit that I’m intrigued by the idea of a Sasha/Nia feud, but I don’t think we’ll see any new feuds for Sasha or Charlotte until after their rematch next week. Dana trying to instigate the fight between Sasha and Nia was hilarious. I’ve grown to really love Dana’s character. She is definitely a personal highlight for me.
There’s just something about Dana’s character and the way she works off the other girls that’s just gold to me. Bayley coming out for the save was expected and not surprising, and neither was the tag match. Now, a part of me thought, “Why not just have Alicia come out and make this a six woman tag match?”, but the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make as much sense as I would like it to, so I get why they didn’t. Although I’m in a desperate need for them to use Alicia properly. I feel like she’s in the same place within the company as Natalya. A veteran, that’s willing to do whatever for the company, but doesn’t get the recognition, storyline wise, they deserve. Like I stated above, the match was solid and all four women looked strong and Sasha making Charlotte tap out makes her look strong going into next week’s title match.
Now, I am begging you WWE. Please let this match next week be the last Charlotte/Sasha match. I’m not saying forever, but for awhile. This feud has gotten boring, repetitive, and uninteresting. Both women need new feuds to reinvigorate their characters. Obviously we’re gonna be seeing Charlotte/Bayley next and it looks like we might be getting Nia/Sasha next as well, which I’m happy about because Nia needs a feud. They tried with her and Alicia, but quickly killed it so no development really happened.
I think Nia’s promo Monday was the first sign of a character for her and I want it developed more, and I think a feud with Sasha would serve Nia’s character good. Hopefully, they can do something with Dana and Alicia, as well. Also, when is Emmalina gonna debut? Seeing “Premiering Soon” every week is getting really annoying.

With Smackdown, I liked that we got more progression with Becky/Alexa and Nikki/Carmella. Although, I really wanted Becky and Alexa’s match to be a Ladder match at TLC, but Daniel announced that Ziggler and Miz are gonna have a Ladder match. I’m still holding out hope that since the IC title match has the Ladder match stipulation and Kalisto and Baron are going to have a Chairs match, then maybe the Smackdown Women’s Championship match could be a Tables match. Maybe?
I’m glad they’re continuing the story of “Who attacked Nikki?”, but I hope they don’t drag it out. I’m thinking maybe at TLC we’ll find out who attacked Nikki or after TLC, but soon we’ll find out cause I’m pretty sure that whoever attacked Nikki will develop into her next feud. I’m so excited that Nikki and Carmella are finally getting their No DQ match at TLC, even though I’m sure most fans, myself included, wanted this match at No Mercy. Now, I’m hoping that these women actually utilize the No DQ stipulation because I’m confident that Nikki and Carmella can bring it, but we’ll have to wait and see.
I do need them to stop this “Nattie recites song lyrics, but seems unaware she does it” gimmick because it’s stupid. I just don’t get why they give Nattie these weird gimmicks. It makes no sense. I do hope Smackdown can find better use of Natalya and Naomi because right now, they both feel like the girls that are just put in random matches just to progress the other women’s feuds. Also, I’ve heard rumors that Eva Marie may be returning soon and I can’t wait because I’m interested how they’ll bring her back into the fold of the Women’s Division.


This Week’s Winner: 431a7e38680af6bcab032928c604f199
I can admit that this wasn’t an obvious choice for me like last week, I liked how we got a little more progression with other women other than Charlotte and Sasha this week on Raw, but they still need to do better.



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