Raw Vs. Smackdown – State of Their Women’s Divisions


(11/15/16): “Who Will Survive on Sunday?”



What Happened

-The show kicked off with everyone on the ramp, getting a pep talk from their commissioner and general manager, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. It was announced that later in the night their would be a tag match with Sasha Banks and Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox and Nia Jax.

-There was a backstage segment between Sasha and Charlotte where it looked like neither woman was happy to be tagging together, but would have to try and get along long enough to win their match later in the night and this Sunday.

-During the match, Dana Brooke came out with Charlotte to be at ringside and Bayley was on commentary. This was a solid match between these four women. As expected Sasha and Charlotte did not get along and actually fought a lot towards the end of the match. Somehow the two were able to get the victory when Alicia tapped out to the Banks Statement. After the match, Bayley came down to the ring to celebrate Sasha, and Charlotte’s victory, and seemed to be trying to create some unity for her team heading into Survivor Series.



What Happened

-Early in the show we were shown Alexa Bliss ranting to General Manager, Daniel Bryan about how she should be Smackdown Women’s Champion and not Becky Lynch since her leg was on the bottom rope. Daniel explained that he understood and that Alexa would get her rematch, but he needed her to focus on making sure she helped Team Smackdown win at Survivor Series. Natalya then appeared seeming to offer Alexa some advice, but it was just some more song lyrics.

-Nikki Bella faced Carmella in a great match. These two women obviously do not like each other and have shown that. Carmella taunted Nikki during the match with her boyfriend John Cena’s signature “You Can’t See Me”. Carmella also made it a point to go after Nikki’s neck. During the match, the camera panned to the audience to show Raw Women’s Champion, Charlotte making her way to ringside, the whole time waving a ticket. Charlotte chanted and taunted Nikki. After tossing Carmella into the barricade, Nikki had enough and went after Charlotte. Nikki tossed Charlotte into the ring and went after her, that’s when the other members of Raw’s Women’s team made their presence known. Team Raw ganged up on Nikki and it looked like Carmella wasn’t going to help Nikki out, but she ended up proving everyone wrong as she seemed to put her issues with Nikki aside to come to her defense. Soon the other members of Team Smackdown came out and both teams brawled, with Nia Jax going through the barricade and Team Smackdown standing tall.


Okay, overall, I liked that they had both teams brawl, with one team crossing over to the other show like they did with the men on Raw. Now, with this I think it helped Smackdown’s Women Division more than it did Raw’s. The reason I say this is on Raw all they really did was make Alicia and Nia look weak. I’m sorry, but from a storytelling stand point it made no sense to me that with how much fighting Sasha and Charlotte were doing during the match, that they would be able to pick up the victory over Nia and Alicia. I get that they probably didn’t want their top two female competitors on Raw to take a loss, but I just don’t get how that helps Alicia and Nia look like legitimate threats or in anyway make them look helpful to Raw’s chances of beating Team Smackdown.
On the other hand, Team Smackdown working together to stop the invading Team Raw tonight looked amazing. It showed that even Carmella and Alexa were willing to put aside their differences with Nikki and Becky so that they could work together to take on Team Raw. Now, sure this could change at Survivor Series and I’m very aware that it’s almost written into wrestling law that whoever is standing tall at the end of a go home show is probably gonna lose at the PPV. I’m personally hoping that won’t be the case because I want Team Smackdown to win, not just with the Women’s match, but also the Tag Teams and the Men’s Survivor Series matches.
We shall see who comes out victorious this Sunday, but personally I think Smackdown’s team for the women looked stronger and more unified than Raw’s.

This Week’s Winner: 431a7e38680af6bcab032928c604f199


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