Book Review – The Batman Adventures: Mad Love and Other Stories by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm


I mainly got this book because I really wanted to read the Mad Love story. Now, when I got this copy, I originally thought that the other stories would be about Harley, or Joker, or even Harley and Joker, but was surprised to find out they were different stories about different villains. This was a pleasant surprise because while I knew all the villains, I’d never read any stories about them, so finally getting a chance to read about them was fun.

So, focusing on Mad Love, it was so good. The toxic, manipulative, abusive, and psychotic relationship between Joker and Harley is so present in this story. While I love these two I’m not blind to how horrible their relationship is and this story just showcased it. My heart broke when Harley realized she’d been played by the Joker and when he shoved her out of the window and she said, “My fault…I didn’t…get the joke…” (pg. 62). It was just so sad to see that side of Harley. It was even worse when she was shown bandaged up, back in Arkham, and she seemed to forgive the Joker, simply because he left her a flower. That really hurt my heart to see how this charismatic, psychotic clown screwed this woman’s head up so badly. This comic didn’t make me dislike either character or make me stop liking the idea of Harley and Joker, but it just gave me more evidence of how f*cked up their relationship is.
Now, with the other stories some were stronger than others. I really liked the “Going Straight” story. It was fascinating seeing how each villain tried, some harder than others, to be good and stay out of trouble, but just couldn’t. The “Two of a Kind” story was heartbreaking to me. Harvey finally was able to turn his life around, and it all goes to hell, and he goes back to being Two-Face.
Overall, really enjoyed Mad Love and Other Stories.
I would give it 4outof5Stars stars and would highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.


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