TV Series Review: Downton Abbey

In late 2012, I checked out the first series of Downton Abbey from my public library. I can honestly say I don’t remember what piqued my curiosity about the show to the point where I checked it out, but I’m so glad I did. I instantly fell in love with the show. The time period, the drama, the costumes, and the cast. Holy crap, this show has an amazing cast. I recently finished the last season and decided to review this amazing series.


First I have to talk about the characters. My favorite character throughout the show has and will always be Anna. I fell in love with her character and just loved her journey, plus her relationships with Bates and Mary were so fun to watch.
I think the most interesting journey to watch was Mary and Edith. Now, while they both could still be rude and cruel once in a while, especially to each other, they changed quite a bit from the two women we were shown in Series One. I was so happy that Mary was able to find love again after losing Matthew and that Edith finally found her happy ending with a man that seemed to truly love her.
Two characters that I still miss and am depressed that we lost are Sybil and Matthew. I know why they were killed off, but that doesn’t make their characters deaths any better or easier to rewatch. Sybil and Matthew were such wonderful characters, especially Sybil, and there are times when I think back to everything that happened in Series Four through Six and wonder what would have happened if those two had lived.
A character that I thought I would never care about as much as I do is Thomas. Mrs. O’Brien and him were so damn annoying and I hated them so much. Then around Series Two I started to feel more sympathetic towards Thomas and from there I grew to care about him. I can admit, all through Series Six, I was constantly worried about Thomas because I just had this awful feeling that something bad was going to happen and it did. It hurt my heart to see Thomas in that tub with his wrist cut, but I’m glad he got his happy ending.
Branson’s journey throughout the show was another thing that was lovely to watch. Branson brought so much to the show I felt, not only with his own character development, but also with the development of Sybil, Mary, and the Crawley family in general.
The fact that the writers made me wait six seasons for Carson and Mrs. Hughes to get together was just mean, but also good? It felt so gratifying when they finally got together in Series Six and I was just a big giggly idiot watching those two together.
One thing I really loved was Violet and Isobel’s relationship. The friendship that developed between them was one of my favorite things about the show. I loved how they could bicker and disagree almost constantly, but yet there was still a level of respect and caring for each other.
Now, I know I didn’t talk about everyone and their journey, but if you’ve seen the show then you’ll know why. Now, even though I didn’t mention someone doesn’t mean I didn’t love them or have thoughts on their journey, it’s just I didn’t want this to be extremely long.

Also, the history shown throughout the show and how the show, I feel, perfectly helped illustrate what it was like back in those times was one of the things that I loved the most. Seeing the Crawley family have to deal with the changing world around them, especially Robert, Violet, and Carson. I swear if those three had their way nothing would have changed, but unfortunately for them, things did change and watching them deal with it was amazing. Also, seeing how the changing world, changed people was another interesting thing to watch.

Every series left me excited, upset, hopeful, and just overall content. I will forever be so happy that I decided to check out the first series from my library because it introduced me to such an amazing series that I will definitely rewatch and cherish.

I give all six seasons of Downton Abbey 4outof5Stars.


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