Top Picks of 2015: Top 14 Wrestlers That Impressed Me

These were the wrestlers that really impressed me this year.

#14: Apollo Crews (NXT)

Apollo’s impressed me in the ring, but he needs to improve on his character. That’s what I really want to see him do in 2016, improve his character.

#13: Carmella (NXT)

I think Carmella has a lot of potential. She already has a great character, but they just need to let her work more in the ring. So, hopefully Carmella will get more matches in 2016.

#12: Hideo Itami (NXT)

Hideo is so impressive in the ring, but I don’t think he really got to shine in 2015 and that mainly has to do with the fact that he got injured. Hopefully, we’ll get more from Hideo in 2016.

 #11: Finn Balor (NXT)

Finn is an amazing wrestler and character, but the reason he’s so low on my list is because as the year went on I found myself getting a little bored with Finn. I’m hoping they can do something to bring new life to him in 2016.

#10: Prince Puma (Lucha Underground)

Lucha Underground introduced me to a lot of amazing talent and Prince Puma was the first person that I really got attached to. He is so amazing in the ring and I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that he doesn’t talk. I like that it makes him mysterious, but also I really like people to talk, so yeah. Can’t wait to see what Puma brings to season 2 of Lucha. Hoping he gets the title back from Mil Muertes.

#9: Nia Jax (NXT)

Nia hasn’t been on NXT TV very long, but she has already impressed me and I’m sure next year will definitely be Nia’s year. She is great in the ring, and her character is fascinating to me, and I want to hear her more on the mic.

#8: Asuka (NXT)

Asuka is so freaking good in that ring and she brings an intensity that I really enjoy. Hoping in 2016, we could maybe get a solid idea of her character because I feel like that is what she’s lacking right now and I’d love to hear her talk more.

#7: Drago (Lucha Underground)

Drago has one of the most interesting characters in Lucha Underground. His mask, his gear, and his whole entrance is just so eye catching. Plus he is solid in that ring and every match he’s a part of is always entertaining.

#6: Sexy Star (Lucha Underground)

Sexy Star is such an amazing wrestler. She entertained me every time she was on my screen in season 1 of Lucha Underground. The character they’re presenting with Sexy Star is just so empowering to me and I’m really eager to see what happens with Sexy Star in season 2.

#5: Angelico (Lucha Underground)

Angelico blew my mind in season 1 of Lucha. From his awesome skills in the ring to his huge, insane leaps that he did, he just brought it. Also the dynamic he had with Havoc & Ivelisse just made him even more entertaining.

#4: Dalton Castle (ROH)

As soon as Dalton Castle appeared on my television, I was in love. His character is amazing. The over the top character, along with his boys just makes it so fun. Besides having an awesome character, he’s great in that ring as well.

#3: Pentagon Jr. (Lucha Underground)

Pentagon Jr. is such a creepy character. The whole storyline of him having to make sacrifices to his master just made every match he was in worrisome because you were always wondering what Pentagon was going to do to his opponent after he beat them. His feuds with Sexy Star and Vampiro were probably the highlight of season 1 for me.

#2: Kevin Owens (WWE)

Kevin Owens is without a doubt the best heel that the WWE has at the moment. Whether he is inside the ring or outside the ring, he keeps being that amazing heel. Besides his amazing heel work on the mic (and on Twitter), he’s amazing in that ring. I always get pumped when Kevin comes out because I know it will always be entertaining.

#1: Ivelisse (Lucha Underground)

Ivelisse is most definitely “the baddest bitch in the building”. That is not just some name she gave herself, she more than deserves that title because Ivelisse is such a badass. I love her take no shit attitude and how she believes she is better than every wrestler. She’s a great talker, has a great character, and is amazing in that ring. I think she also deserves so much credit because she competed while injured and now that she’s healed up, I can’t wait to see her kick some ass in season 2. I’m hoping that Ivelisse and her boys win back the Trios Championships.


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