Top Picks of 2015: Top 12 Ships I Started Shipping

These are 12 ships that caught my eye this year and I quickly fell in love with.

#12: Sarah Linden & Stephen Holder from The Killing

The dynamic between these two is one of my favorite things about this show. I haven’t finished the show, so I don’t know if they’re canon, but I will be really sad if their not because I just love these two together.

#11: Karen Page & Foggy Nelson from Daredevil

I’m sure most people ship Karen with Matt, but not me. When I started watching the show, I instantly gravitated towards the idea of Karen being with Foggy. I just think they look cuter together and their relationship just makes me happy.

#10: Lola Perry & LaFontaine from Carmilla

These two love each other, there is no doubting that. Now, whether that’s a romantic love or platonic love is up to the viewer. I ship them so hard and just want these two to love each other and be happy.

#9: Octavia Blake & Lincoln from The 100

These two have been one of my favorite ships on this show since they introduced the idea of Octavia and Lincoln. All I want out of season three is for these two to be happy & love each other.

#8: Mary & Francis from Reign

There is no one that I want with these two, but the other. Mary and Francis are perfect for each other and the thought of them being with someone else causes me pain.

#7: Jessica Jones & Luke Cage from Jessica JonesĀ 

Jessica & Luke’s story in the first season of the show was really rocky, but I loved the chemistry between these two and I need more of them in season 2 or I’m going to need Jessica to pop up on Luke’s show.

#6: Claire Temple & Matt Murdock from Daredevil

I knew as soon as we were introduced to Claire that I’d ship her with Matt. Their chemistry was just so addictive and I hope this isn’t the end of them because they own my heart.

#5: Carmilla Karnstein & Laura Hollis from Carmilla

I mean, how can you not ship these two? They are just so freaking adorable and while they do have their issues, the love between these two is brilliant and is one of my favorite parts of this show.

#4: Cameron Howe & Joe MacMillian from Halt and Catch Fire

God, these two are such a painful ship. Cameron and Joe’s dynamic is both amazing, yet toxic. They are both perfect for each other and also the worst thing that could happen to each other. Yet I can’t stop hoping they end up together.

#3: Clarke Griffin & Bellamy Blake from The 100

I have wanted Bellarke to become canon since season 1. Everything about these two draws me in. The way they talk, look, care, and trust each other is everything that I love about them. I have a horrible feeling that they won’t be canon, but that’s not gonna stop me from shipping them.

#2: Kenna & Bash from Reign

These two started off hating each other, but that turned around and this amazing love developed between them. I haven’t finished season 2 and I know some problems develop between the two, but I’m just gonna live in my happy little Kennash bubble where they love each other and nothing hurts.

#1: Liv Moore & Blaine DeBeers from iZombie

These two hate each other and I’m aware of that, but I’m a sucker for ships that start from hate or ships where one is evil and one is good. Liv and Blaine are everything I love in a ship and honestly they give me some Veronica/Logan vibes. I know if it ever happens it won’t be soon, but I at least hope the show will at some point explore their relationship.


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