Movie Review – 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown


So, I just got done watching the WWE’s newest movie starring Dean Ambrose and here’s what I thought.

So, when I first heard they were making a movie and Dean was going to star in it, I was both excited and amused by the idea. The reason I say I was amused is because for some reason I’ve always found Dean hilarious. I just can’t seem to watch him in the ring or during a promo without giggling like a fool. Now before you say that I’m just a crazy fangirl, that’s not it. I just can’t take him seriously, now that’s not a dig at what he does in that ring because I have so much respect for what he does in the ring, but when I watch him I just see this huge goofball and end up laughing. When the first trailer was released, I giggled through most of it. Don’t believe me? You can see my reaction here. I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch this movie and take him seriously.

Now, that I’ve seen the movie I can say that I did enjoy it and Dean only made me laugh a couple of times. I honestly thought I’d laugh a lot more. While I enjoyed it, it still wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen, but then again I wasn’t expecting it to be this great masterpiece of a film. The first thing that I want to talk about is, well of course, Dean. I think Dean did a good job in the role of Shaw, but there were certain things that he did, the way he delivered his lines, or just the way he walked that screamed “Ambrose” to me. I mean, I know he’s not an actor and this was his first movie and I’m not knocking him, but it was just noticeable to me.

The rest of the cast was really good. I loved Ty Olsson, but then again I knew I would since I’ve loved him since he was on Supernatural. The only problem I had was, why does he always have to play the jackass? Everything else I’ve seen him in besides Supernatural, he’s played a jackass character. Rebecca Marshall and Sarah Smyth did a good job, but I totally saw Sarah’s character dying from the moment it showed her still in the precinct and I had a suspicion that there was something up with Rebecca’s character about halfway through the movie and I was proven right when it was revealed she was working with Burke. Speaking of Burke, Roger Cross did such a good job at playing the antagonist to Shaw. I will admit I did enjoy the dynamic between Roger and Dean’s characters when they had scenes together. I felt like those were Dean’s strongest scenes.

There were a few things I had a problem with. I wish we could have learned more about what happened with that rookie cop and why Shaw is called a “cop killer”. I mean I don’t think they really went into detail in the movie, but it’s possible that I may have missed it. If I did then please tell me because I really wanted to know more about that. Like I said above I didn’t like how obvious it was that Sarah’s character was going to die. I knew as soon as it showed her still in the building and then I was just waiting for it when she was in the room with Burke. I guess I just didn’t like how predictable it seemed to me. I mean, I knew he’d survive and win, but I was hoping that that’d be the only predictable thing, but I was able to guess a lot of what was going to happen in the movie. Also, was that scene with Burke and that chick really necessary? I mean it just seemed so pointless and unnecessary.

So, I will probably get so much hate for this review because it does seem pretty negative, but whatever. I’m entitled to express my opinion and this is it.
I’d give the movieĀ 2.5outof5Stars. Like I said, I did enjoy it and do think that if you’re a fan of Dean Ambrose you should see it.


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