Movie Review: The DUFF


Going into this movie, I was extremely hesitant because I had read the book earlier this year and I really enjoyed the book so I was hoping the movie would be good. Now, I will admit, that I can be a bit hard on my judgments when it comes to book to movie adaptations. I’m not one of those people that expect the movie to be exactly like the book, but I do expect that the same basic plot points should be followed and that the movie have the same heart as the book.
Now, that I’ve explained that, this movie.

I really didn’t like The DUFF, which is so disappointing since I enjoyed the book. My main problem with the movie is that they changed the whole book. Wesley and Bianca’s relationship was different as well as her relationship with her best friends and Bianca’s home life. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the book was Bianca’s relationship with Wesley. Now, while the relationship was fun to watch on screen, it didn’t hit me the same way as the book. That’s nothing against the actors because Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell were my favorite things about this movie. Their acting and chemistry was so good and I loved them. I just wish their relationship wasn’t just some typical cliche storyline.
That’s probably my biggest problem with the movie. It was horribly cliche. Everything that you’d expect in a teenage, romance, coming of age, lesson kind of story was in this movie. Even if I hadn’t read the book, I would have known how the movie was going to end just based on the trailers because it’s that cliche.
I hated how the changed some characters and character dynamics. Bianca’s friends, Casey and Jess, have basically no purpose in the movie except to help explain what a DUFF is and to help Bianca out at the end of the movie. These three girls relationship was such a bigger part in the books to me and I’m annoyed that they downplayed Casey and Jess so much. I mean I know they weren’t huge parts in the books, but their dynamic and storylines with Bianca were good and it annoys me that they made that basically nonexistent.
The fact that they made Bianca’s dad be the one that left her mom and her really annoyed me. I mean I’m glad they kept the motivational speaker aspect of her mom’s character, but no. Just no. The storyline of Bianca’s relationship with her dad, whose basically in denial about the state of his marriage and relapses when it comes to his problem with alcohol, and her absent mother is important. I didn’t like the switch in the movie, it just didn’t set well with me.
The most annoying addition to the movie that wasn’t in the book was Madison. Really? A mean girl?…..Really?! Bella Thorne did a good job playing Madison don’t get me wrong, but her character was so not needed. Once again, they played into the cliche of the mean girl being horrible to the main character and it was just not needed and…..ugh! I hated that they added this character to the story.
I also hated how they made Toby a dick. That in the end he was using Bianca to get to Casey and Jess. No…..just no. Toby was a very likable character in the books and I really enjoyed his dynamic with Bianca so the fact that they made him a dick that’s using Bianca was annoying.

So, yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, I didn’t like the movie and I’d give it: 1.5outof5Stars and the only reason it’s getting that rating is because of Mae and Robbie.


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