2 Years Without Cory


It’s 5 in the morning and I’m up on Tumblr mourning with the rest of my fellow Gleeks just like I did 2 years ago.
2 years……I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since the world lost Cory Monteith. I remember how I found out so clearly in my head. I was sitting in my brothers room just messing around on Facebook when I saw an article from E! online and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt nothing, but disbelief at the sight. There was no way that Cory was gone. There was no way that Cory had passed away. There was just no way……but it did happen and the world mourned.
Seeing on my dash that it was the anniversary of Cory’s death, just brought back all the same feelings I felt that night 2 years ago. The pain is still there and I haven’t cried yet, but I’m sure I will since I did last year. I’m happy to see that even though everyone has moved on with their lives and have mourned his death, when this date comes around we all collectively mourn together because that wound we all felt on July 13th, 2013 reopens.
So, I just wanted to post this to share my feelings about the anniversary of his death and just say that I love Cory and miss him, just like I’m sure the rest of my fellow Gleeks do.

R.I.P Cory Monteith


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