Supernatural + Female Characters = Disaster

14454473894_1d6e6fbdfc_oCharlie Bradbury played by Felicia Day


Death on Supernatural is not something new. Many characters have come and gone on this show, but the amount of female characters that have died is ridiculous. On last night’s episode, Charlie Bradbury played brilliantly by Felicia Day, a character that had become one of my favorite characters on the show was killed off and my mind can not process this information. Charlie’s character had quickly become a part of the Supernatural family and was even considered a sister by Sam and Dean. While storyline wise, I understand that they decided to kill Charlie to give the boys even more motivation for the last two episodes of the season, but this just seems lazy to me.

Thinking about the scene, I don’t understand why Charlie had to die. We have seen in the past that Charlie being harmed has been a good motivator for the boys, so I don’t get why they didn’t do that this time. Now, I don’t like to see Charlie hurt, but I think it would have been better for Charlie to get hurt and be hospitalized so that she could be taken out of action for the last two episodes of the season, then you know, end up dead. I also don’t understand why Charlie couldn’t call or pray to Castiel to come and get her. There were so many other ways this scene could have gone with them still being able to tell a good story. To me it just seems like they were lazy and were like, “Let’s just kill Charlie to make the boys get really upset so that’ll want to fight harder”. I mean it’s just stupid and lazy.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Supernatural has killed a good female character to somehow motivate the boys. We’ve seen it in the past with characters like Ellen, Jo, Ruby, Meg, Anna, Pamela, etc., and now we can add Charlie to the list. These women were all characters that were in more than one episode and were fleshed out enough that the audience watching may have formed some sort of attachment to them, now whether that’s love or hate, depends on the viewer, but they still mattered. Instead of developing the characters more with the boys, they were killed to motivate the boys or progress the story in some way.

Ellen, Jo, Pamela, and Charlie were all killed to hurt Sam and Dean, and make them want to avenge their death or motivate them. Then on the flip side you have deaths like Ruby, Meg, and Anna that were done to mainly progress the story in some way. Ruby was killed to in a way fix Sam’s mistake in trusting her. Meg was killed after kind of turning good and going out a hero, but her death was mainly due to her helping the boys. Then Anna’s character is made to be against the boys since she wants to stop the apocalypse and is killed by Michael.

Now, you can argue that everyone dies on the show, male or female, but when you look at all those significant deaths it’s very telling that almost all the women in their lives are killed in this show, I mean the very first episode their mother, Mary is killed along with Sam’s girlfriend, Jess.

I’ve been a fan of this show for a long time and I love it to death, but it’s annoying to me that this show can write some really great male and female characters, but they don’t seem to care about keeping these women alive. They like to use them as plot devices when it’s time to progress the story or when it’s time to give the boys something worth fighting for/avenging. It sucks and I really wish it wasn’t like this because this show has lost some really great female characters, like Charlie, and I really don’t want to lose anymore.

Oh, also, to the Supernatural writers…….you better not touch a single hair on Jody Mills head because she is the only great female character we have left.
(Well next to Rowena, but I don’t see her lasting long……shocker.)


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