TV Show Review: Once Upon a Time “Mother” (Season 4, Episode 21)

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[Spoiler Warning!!]

So, I just got done watching episode 21 of Once Upon a Time and tonight’s episode left me feeling meh. Like there were parts that I enjoyed and parts that gave me a lot of feels, but overall this felt like a setup episode for the two part finale next week.

Enchanted Forest Storyline: In this part of the episode we saw Cora again. When she first appeared, I was really happy to see Cora again, but then Cora started to be…well…Cora and then I remembered why I don’t like her and why she makes a good villain. Seeing Cora try to help Regina find her true love (a.k.a Robin) I was skeptical because it’s Cora and she never does anything to really help Regina. I was proven right when she brought the Sheriff of Nottingham to Regina with a fake Lion tattoo. Obviously, Regina wasn’t fooled and confronted Cora about what she did. Now, this whole part of the episode I really didn’t care for, like it was good to learn more about Regina and Cora’s relationship, but overall it just didn’t interest me that much.

Now, after saying that I was not expecting and was heartbroken to learn during this part of the episode that Regina made a potion to make it not possible for her to have children. This broke my heart. I was sitting there looking at the TV in disbelief. Obviously, this now makes why she adopted Henry even more clear, but knowing that she stopped herself from ever having kids because she she felt like she had to to stop Cora from using her or her future children killed me. Especially Cora’s quote about how Cora doesn’t ruin her happiness, Regina does, which is basically true. Regina’s kind of paranoia has always gotten the better of her until she does something stupid or wrong to try to make sure something else doesn’t happen. I really hope the writers can figure something out to hopefully undo this, so that she can have babies and a happy ending with Robin.

Storybrooke Storyline: Moving on to what happened in Storybrooke tonight, that seemed more interesting to me. The parts that I honestly cared about this episode was Regina getting the ink to work for the author by using Lily’s blood. I really did for a second think that Regina was going to have the author just write away Zelena’s baby and then I felt like she really was going to just erase Zelena from history altogether. While a part of me wanted her to do it because I can’t stand Zelena’s character, I’m glad she didn’t because it further proves how much Regina has grown as a character and I think if she had had the author do something horrible to Zelena it would have set her character back quite a bit.

Then the other part of the episode I cared about was Maleficent trying to connect with Lily. I at first was a little confused by Maleficent going to Snow and Charming for help on how to connect with Lily, but then after Snow tried to help Maleficent it made more sense to me why she went to them because, while it’s their fault that Lily was taken from Maleficent, they understand that pain and awkwardness of trying to reconnect with your child when you’ve been away from them all their life. I’m also glad that it looks like Maleficent and Lily are connecting because I was afraid when Lily was rude and bitter earlier, understandably, that they wouldn’t connect, but they did and that makes me happy. Also, I wonder if Lily being able to turn into a dragon will happen again.

The parts of the episode with Emma, I really didn’t care about. I mean, I’m glad she finally forgave her parents, but other than that I just didn’t care whenever Emma came on screen. The same can be said about Rumple, which is disappointing because I really love Rumple, he is one of my favorite characters and the fact that I didn’t care about what was happening to him this episode really speaks to what the writers have done to his character.

The Season Finale Next Week: I actually am excited about this finale because the idea of all these characters reversing roles is both fascinating and hilarious to me. From the trailer it just looks like it’s going to be great, especially considering it showed Snow as the Evil Queen and Rumple as a knight, I mean come on that has to be entertaining, right?
Honestly, as long as it’s better than last season’s finale, then I’ll be fine because I really did not like the finale for season 3, so hopefully they can produce a better finale for season 4.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I’d probably give this episode a rating of  Meh

But hopefully, next week will be better.


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